5 Tips on How to Prepare an Open Beam Ceiling for Painting Stow&TellU

5 Tips on How to Prepare an Open Beam Ceiling for Painting Stow&TellU

5 tips on How to Prepare an Open Beam Ceiling for Painting

Unfinished basements can be dark and dingy.  They usually come with an exposed or open beam ceiling that reveals all the pipes, vents and wiring that are the inner workings for the basic functions of your house.  Remodeling the entire basement as you might the rest of your house can be expensive, but there are ways to do it on the cheaper side.  One way is to paint an open beam ceiling rather than cover it up.  It can certainly be a big money saver, but there are a few steps you want to take before you start painting that ceiling.

Here are 5 tips for preparing an open beam ceiling for painting that will help you get the job done:

1 ) Inspect and secure all pipes and venting

Houses tend to shift after time and the basement if often the first place it shows.  Vents and piping can become loose and need to be refastened and adjusted.  Most hardware stores will carry pipe and venting hangers that will typically attach right into the wood of the beams for secure placement.

2) Bundle, tidy and secure ceiling wiring

Wiring can run in all different directions on the open ceiling of a basement.  Inspect and tidy up any and all wiring along the ceiling.  Secure any wiring that running along the wooden beams with wire staples.  Bundle any of the other wiring with zip ties.

3) Trim down ceiling nails

Ceiling nails that are actually from the underlayment of the flooring above can be found in abundance on an open beam ceiling.  These nails can be trimmed down with a rotary tool (Dremmel) .

Do make sure to wear protective goggles and clothing for this job.

4) Fill gaping areas with foam insulation

Unfinished open beam ceilings and basement window wells will have will have nooks and crannies that lead to places wed rather keep closed off from basement access.

Fill these gaps with foam insulation, allow the foam to dry and then trim off the excess for a neat appearance.  Once the paint has been applied they will be rather inconspicuous, not to mention insulated from goodness knows.

5) Tape off furnace, water heater and other areas that will not be painted

Where and what to paint on an open beam ceiling in your basement is a personal preference.  The pipes or vents around the furnace and water heater can be painted; however the furnace and water heater should definitely be protected from any paint and the best way to do that is to mask it off with the tarp and tape method.

5 Tips on How to Prepare an Open Beam Ceiling for Painting Stow&TellU

Wiring connections near the fuse box should also be protected from paint in the same fashion.

Mask off any other areas that you do not wish to paint, as well.

Note:  Make sure to TURN OFF the furnace and water heater by following the manufacturers directions (usually found on the appliance itself) before masking off and during paining.

Implementing these 5 steps as you prepare for painting your open beam ceiling should give you successful results when the ceiling painting is all said and done.

Do you know of any other tips that would make the job of painting your basement ceiling a success?

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