Ceilings Building & Remodeling eHow

Ceilings Building & Remodeling eHow


How to Insulate Floors Over Garages

A finished room over the garage, jokingly called a FROG room by real estate agents and builders, can become uncomfortably warm in summer and chilly in winter. Because they’re usually

Types of Ceiling Trusses

A roof truss system is a structural alternative to a stick-framed roof. A single truss features a bottom chord, which determines ceiling configuration, and one or more top chords that

Whether you identify it as slap brush, crow’s foot or stomped, you can produce a simple ceiling texture using a special brush and some thinned drywall joint compound. Besides making

Ceiling fans not only improve a room’s decor, but they help reduce the cost of cooling your home during the hot months and the cost of heating your home in

Roofers know just how important roofing brackets can be, but finding a truss to nail the brackets to can be difficult. The core problem is that roofing trusses are below

Drywall stamping gives the finished wall its texture. Most stamping is done with the drywall knife or with the use of special drywall texturing brushes. Depending on the tool and

Some homeowners desire high ceilings, but sometimes it can feel like you may not have a choice if the deal on a home you want to purchase is too good

Cathedral ceilings generally are slanted ceilings that extend through more than one floor of a home. These ceilings usually follow the slope of a homes roof. A cathedral ceilings impact

A drop or suspended ceiling is often used to install acoustic tiles, to deaden or soften sound in a room. One also can hide blemishes or irregularities in a ceiling

Roof trusses are prefabricated triangular sections of supports that work independently of one another. The integrity of each individual truss makes up the integrity of the roof as a whole.

Cathedral, or vaulted, ceilings are raised on the inside to give more headroom and an ornamental look to the room. The edges around the room may be finished with crown

Sound transmission class is a system used to rate soundproofing for ceilings, walls and floors. A higher STC rating indicates an increased ability to mute sound transmissions, and a lower

Framing a basement main support beam involves cutting sheets of wood to the length of the beam, then screwing the sheets over the beam to cover it. The sheets need

When finishing a basement, you have to contend with issues such as exposed pipes and ducts. Leaving them in plain view can detract from the basement’s appearance after you finish

One way to give a room an interesting look that keeps it from feeling like a plain box is by adding a contoured ceiling. A contoured ceiling may feature broad

Open ceiling plans are found in offices and commercial buildings where a large amount of ceiling space needs to be covered. For some buildings, leaving open rafters and ductwork is

Coffered and tray ceilings add architectural interest to a room by adding detail and depth the ceiling expanse. Both ceiling types feature recessed ceiling sections above geometric arrangements of box

If you have a drop ceiling in your home, one potential lighting design is recessed light fixtures. A drop ceiling is often used in place of drywall or plaster to

It was the newest thing in the late 1960s, quickly growing in popularity and expanding into many different styles in the ’70s and ’80s; knockdowns and swirls, popcorn, splashed or

A tray ceiling is a type of ceiling that drops around the perimeter of the room, with a raised section in the center. Tray ceilings can be used to conceal

A room’s ceiling serves several important purposes, including concealing wiring and duct work, insulating the space and providing a place to mount light fixtures or hanging decorations. The space above

Cellar bulkheads are built to cover large obstructions such as metal I-beams or ventilation ducts that run across the ceiling surface. The metal of an I-beam prevents you from attaching

A dropped or suspended ceiling is made up of acoustic tiles that rest on a grid suspended by wires from the primary ceiling above. This secondary, lower ceiling can have

Tin ceiling panels add an ornate, Victorian-style flair to a room and reflect light, creating the illusion of a larger space. Despite their sturdy appearance, tin sheets are thin and

A building that uses a forced-air heating system relies on a series of metal ducts to carry the warm air from the furnace throughout the building. The ducts’ visibility can

Fluorescent lights are a staple of many commercial buildings and are usually used in concert with suspended or floating ceilings. The newest types of fluorescent lights are sold prewired and

During construction, it is common to hang drywall on the ceiling first, followed by the walls. For vaulted ceilings, the installation process is the same as for flat ceilings. Vaulted

Hide AC ducts in the ceiling with a vent cover. The covers not only hide the appearance of a vent, but they stop cold drafts from coming through the vent,

Stucco is a durable material that helps create a smooth or textured surface and also provides a fire-resistant barrier. Stucco also can be used to cover up an unattractive popcorn

Exposed beams can add rustic charm to any room. They are often used in rooms with high ceilings. Although you can use beams in a space with a lower ceiling,

A dropped or suspended ceiling is essentially a false ceiling, a grid of lightweight panels set in a metal framework suspended on wires from the joists or rafters of the

An exposed or open-beam ceiling creates an architectural element to the room and adds rustic charm. Although this ceiling style is commonly found in barns and log cabins, you can

If your foyer is very cold in the winter and hot in the summer, insulation may be the solution. You will need access to the attic space above the foyer,

Hanging ceilings are popular for basements because they conceal floor joists, plumbing and ductwork, but the panels are easily removed to provide access to these utilities if repair is necessary.

Adding ceiling tiles to a room enables you to hide an existing ceiling or add one to an unfinished area, such as a basement. Most ceiling tiles simply set inside

If you’re switching to wood heat from gas or electric, you’ll likely find that your home is lacking a chimney. Most new homes don’t have chimneys, and even those that

Commonly seen in log cabins and barns, exposed-beam ceilings are now often found in homes and buildings. The beams create rural charm and architectural interest to the indoor space. If

An attic ladder provides easy access to attic and loft spaces and, because it folds away into the ceiling, it doesnt take up space in the room below. Installing the

Installing drywall on your ceiling isnt as simple as securing a sheet to your wall, mostly because you have the force of gravity countering your every move. A deadman brace

A cathedral ceiling is a high ceiling that reaches a peak in the center of the roof line. The space provided by the ceiling can make a room feel more

Acoustic ceiling tiles with tongue-and-groove construction quiet sounds from above the room. Tongue-and-groove ceiling tiles easily connect and are fastened to the ceiling with a grid of 1-by-3-inch furring strips.

A skylight well includes the opening in the roof, the light shaft and the opening in the ceiling that allows the light through. In order to create the well, you

Tray ceilings are a detail feature in many homes and event spaces. Tray ceilings consist of a flat recessed drywall ceiling center, rimmed by a framed drywall border that sits

Installing an acrylic skylight is an effective way to bring natural sunlight into any room of your home, including interior rooms with no window access. Placed in the roof of

Wood beams that span a ceiling create a dramatic statement in a room, significantly changing the personality of the room. They can also affect the perception of the size of

In a tray ceiling, a decorative ceiling treatment, the center area of the ceiling appears recessed from the outer edges. Usually a tray ceiling is designed and built during the

Installing drywall requires measuring a board to fit the installation location, scoring it with a utility knife, snapping along the score line and using drywall screws to attach it to

A pellet stove is a clean and efficient device for heating your home, but like all heating appliances, certain guidelines must be followed for safe operation. One important step is

CeilingMAX is a surface-mounted ceiling system and is well suited for use in a room with a low ceiling, such as a basement. Some suspended systems require a 4-inch drop,

Lowering the ceiling in a room eliminates some of the vertical space in the room, which can be a benefit for tall rooms. Bringing the ceiling down also lowers the

A grid forms the structure for suspended ceilings. A ceiling tile fits into each grid opening. Most suspended ceilings hang four to six inches lower than the ceiling joists. This

If the floor in an upstairs room doesnt provide sufficient support or you want to install an upstairs room where one doesnt yet exist, you may want to beef up

The addition of vaulted ceiling beams adds interest to the ceiling without affecting the structure. Ceiling beams are available in a wide variety of synthetic materials, such as urethane, and

Tray ceilings are multi-leveled ceilings that typically consist of a flat center with a raised ledge around the edge that gives the ceiling a recessed appearance, like that of a

Drop ceilings consist of a raft of loose panels that sit on a grid of tracking. The tracking is suspended beneath rafters on a system of wires. Installing a drop

Roof rafters in stick-built homes are sloped beams that help support the roof deck and its weight. Rafters generally extend from the hip or ridge of roof down to the

Hanging and finishing drywall panels is one of the more common do-it-yourself projects for the home remodeler, but even the pros sometimes find it difficult to tape a ceiling flawlessly

Ventilation and fresh air are important components of a healthy home. Ironically, the more tight and energy efficient houses become, the more risk there is that interior ventilation will be

Drop ceilings are a low-cost option for spaces which are unfinished, or which have unsightly pipes or electrical lines that are better off hidden. Drop ceilings hang below the roof

If you have ever leafed through a decorating magazine and seen rooms with spectacular indirect lighting, chances are you were looking at a tray ceiling with rope lighting. Although a

Suspended ceilings are one way to cover old, unsightly ceilings. The installation process is simple enough that a do-it-yourselfer can easily finish the task in a short amount of time.

The channels that make up the framework of a suspended ceiling are supported in the middle of the room by a series of wires that extend from the ceiling joists

Beadboard ceilings were common in the kitchens and on the porches of 19th century homes. Traditional beadboard is made of strips of tongue-and-groove would that range from 2 to 6

Drywall workers prefer installing ceilings before walls, for two reasons. First, the top edges of the walls help support the ceiling boards, strengthening the installation and decreasing movement along the

HVAC ducts carry warm or cool air from your air handler to vents throughout your house. Vents may be in the wall, on the floors or in the ceiling. Accessing

Attic entry panels are typically small, square openings that allow home owners to gain entry into the attic area. These panels sit over a hole in the ceiling and you

Ceilings Building & Remodeling eHow

A basement presents an opportunity to create an extension of your living space. Since its often far removed from the rest of your home, you can take the opportunity to

Sand texture is never difficult to identify — it feels like it has sand in it, and it does. While textures cover imperfections in the wall or ceiling underneath, a

Cutting a beveled ceiling tile ruins the beveled edge along the cut line and removes the flange, the small lip at the tiles edge that sits on the grid rails

In new residential construction, the contractor attaches drywall panels directly to the ceiling joists and fills the seams with joint compound. If you live in an older home, however, you

Faced insulation — insulation with a paper covering — is suitable for use when you’re insulating the ceiling of a basement that you’re not planning on finishing. The covering prevents

If your garage has open rafters below the roof, you’ve got a wealth of storage space available above your head. By laying a board or set of boards onto the

If a room is not as warm or as cool as you would like it to be, adding a vent could solve the problem. By tapping into the supply ductwork,

In ancient times, many buildings were made of stacked stone. When the masons reached the ceiling line, they used support stones to span across the space and roofing stones on

Ceiling tile manufacturers have improved the look of traditional acoustical tiles by adding some upscale shapes, textures and decorative finishes and several sizes to your choices. Dropped ceiling tiles add

Crown molding can add an elegant decorative touch to any room in your home. The width of crown molding, which installs over the seam joining together the ceiling and walls,

Indoor and outdoor moisture causes a wide range of problems inside the home, including sagging and collapsing ceilings. The problem is exacerbated by poor ventilation and dehumidifying systems, as well

Drywall comes in large, flat, gypsum-core panels wrapped with a strong, paper skin. The panels, which are 4-feet wide, are available in lengths ranging from 8 to 16 feet. The

The porch attached to your home provides you and your family with a comfortable place to enjoy the view of your yard and garden while protected from the elements. The

A coffered ceiling can add to the visual appeal of any room by adding an architectural element to your ceiling. It is made up of beams attached to the ceiling

The distance between the roof joists of your home plays a direct role in the stability and strength of your roof. Placing joists too close together increases the cost of

Finishing a basement involves working on several different parts of the room, including the floors, walls and ceiling. One potential problem, when finishing the ceiling, is what to do about

Installing beams on your ceiling can provide a rustic look to any room and can increase the visual appeal of your living space. Because cedar offers warm color tones, beams

Building a frame is the difficult part when drywalling a dome ceiling, but you can buy kits containing prefabricated, curved studs. Applying triangular strips of drywall to the studs is

Drop ceilings traditionally contain three elements: the frame, panels and suspension system. When rubber appears in a drop ceiling, it always appears as a part of the suspension system, and

Whether you’re taping drywall joints or texturing finished drywall, you use joint compound to do it, and the procedure is known in the building trades as mudding. There are separate

Brick construction is both durable and traditional, making it a good option for many homes. Brick ceilings present special challenges because of their weight. However, if you have an older

Access to the attic from the main living space of your home is often accomplished with a trap door — sometimes called a scuttle — in the ceiling. This type

No one wants to come into a basement and see exposed pipes and unfinished ceiling joists. It isnt inviting, and if youre looking to make a basement into a place

Having a dropped ceiling in your home provides some advantages, including reducing your energy costs because there is less livable space that must be heated or cooled. However, using this

Slightly sagging ceilings can cause the drywall to crack and if not fixed soon can lead to greater structural issues. The likely culprit of a sagging ceiling is a weakened

Rigid insulation gets installed on the ceiling before you begin any drywall work. It prevents warm air from escaping through the roof or between separate floors of your home, which

If you want to create a suspended ceiling, hang wire from threaded eye lag screws and attach them to the metal grid. Use screws that you can insert into wood

A ceiling may be covered with furring strips as a result of plaster that has been knocked off, or as a remnant of someone else’s renovation. If you are planning

Creating a bead board ceiling involves nailing thin boards closely together to give a slatted appearance to the ceiling while covering over any possible blemishes in the ceiling surface. Once

Remodeling an outdated or damaged ceiling gives your basement a fresh, finished look. Drop ceilings are common in basements, but drywall is another feasible option in many basement rooms. When

Unlike traditional light fixtures, recessed lights lie flush with the ceiling or wall they are installed in. This is because the housing for the recessed light is inserted behind the

Ductwork in a basement ceiling often protrudes beneath the ceiling joists bottom. If you’re planning to finish the basement, headers — frames that extend below the joists levels — must

Tray ceilings add architectural interest to rooms with high ceilings. Embellishments like indirect lighting, special paintings and molding can add to the effect. While it is possible to create the

Suspended ceilings allow do-it-yourselfers to create attractive ceilings in areas that may contain plumbing lines, heating ducts or other equipment often found in basement remodeling projects. Suspended ceiling grid-and-panels systems

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