In the world of construction, contractors are always on the lookout for building materials designed and manufactured to incorporate both insulation and acoustic properties – Celotex products have long been among the builder’s first choice for lightweight insulation and acoustical ceilings, but these days the Celotex product lines go much farther in the business of building. Today’s Celotex products are manufactured to be ‘green,’ making them even more desirable in all kinds of construction projects from hospitals to homes.

What is Celotex, anyway? Celotex is fiberboard, a man-made product which is formed from fast-growing, (sustainable) soft wood chips and content including newspapers and other recycled materials all of which is held together by natural adhesives which contain no added formaldehydes. Unlike many chemically heavy manufactured products, Celotex fiberboards do not emit the allergens and toxic fumes which can make living and working in a newly constructed building physically challenging for some. For these reasons Celotex products are both earth-friendly in their manufacture and even more ecologically sound in their ultimate purpose – soaking up unwanted heat, cold, and noise.

During the last century, when the world was unaware of certain health risks, Celotex was among the many insulation products manufactured containing asbestos among other materials. That was then. Now, having learned from the mistakes of the past, Celotex construction products are among the most highly regarded building materials of their kind combining sustainability with exceptional performance. Celotex has, once again, assumed its rightful spot on the top of the building materials heap and has regained its popularity among construction professionals. The popularity, as a matter of fact, continues to grow at an astonishingly rapid rate.

There are a number of applications for which Celotex is especially well suited. Celotex ceiling tile has been around for decades. It is the ceiling tile of choice for hospitals, schools and other public buildings where noise is a big problem. Architects around the world choose Celotex for not only its beauty and durability but also because of the superior acoustic rating of Celotex ceiling tiles. Also, because a Celotex drop in ceiling is modular in nature, a damaged or discolored tile may be replaced without replacing the entire ceiling grid. This, of course, makes maintenance budget-friendly.

Of course, Celotex ceilings are not all of the drop-in variety. Frequently, Celotex ceiling tiles are applied to existing ceilings using adhesive. The glue-on application is also a popular solution to outdated “popcorn” ceilings which abound in apartment complexes, offices and other buildings around the country. Installing a glue-on ceiling can update and upgrade a rental property – either residential or commercial – with little time and minimal expense.

Celotex ceiling tiles now come in a dazzling array of styles and colors. The days of flat, white uninspired ceilings are over. One may re-design an entire room around a ceiling which has the look of an ornate tin treatment, elaborately beveled tiles or more simple textures designed to blend in with a less flamboyant space. Design professionals are in love with the many options available in the Celotex tile product line. Rarely does a product combine beauty and utility so innovatively.

With very few tools – a tape measure, a screw driver and a drill, even non-professionals and do-it-yourself-ers can tackle a ceiling replacement project with spectacular results. The tiles, which look far more expensive than they actually are, may be purchased individually or in cases at most building and home improvements like Lowes or Home Depot.

The process of creating the drop-down ceiling grid is very simple and, because the tiles are non-rigid, the cutting and placement couldn’t be easier. The results look so professional that your friends and neighbors will have to be convinced that you didn’t hire a contractor to complete the project. Spouses, too, will develop a new level of appreciation for your weekend-warrior resume.

But Celotex products go beyond ceilings. Celotex also manufactures roofing and siding materials which employ the same technologies to create earth-friendly, high performance products. Energy savings is also a plus with Celotex. Losing heat and/or conditioned air through the roof can be instantly minimized using these products since Celotex shingles possess the same superior insulation qualities which one finds in other Celotex materials. This makes a building roofed with these materials both cooler and quieter – a hot selling point in today’s energy-conscious world. Of course, the roofing materials, like all other products manufactured by the Celotex Corporation and their subsidiaries, boast extended manufacturer warrantees making them an investment rather than just an expense.

Buying and building with Celotex is the perfect plan for those of us who take our responsibility to the planet seriously. We are no longer at liberty to use and abuse the resources available to us. Whether we are builders or buyers, we must insist upon the use of products and resources which are easily renewable. To do less is bad for the planet, and ultimately bad for the human race. Because Celotex products are made from re-used materials and created using natural, non-toxic adhesives one can expect more than a “warm fuzzy feeling” from building with Celotex. One may also look forward to years of happy, productive use of a building constructed using Celotex products.

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