End Wall Acne Forever with Lutrons Fabulous RadioRA®2 Keypads!

If you are new to the idea of Wireless Home Control — Lutron has a great short little introduction to help you visualize light control here:


If you are in the process of building a home or addition — I have posted below a photo of a fantastic option for you if your walls and electric are not in yet or if you have a basement or attic to work from — this will work in any retrofit installation as well. Plus Lutron will be releasing a RA2 Softswitch Module Fall of 2013 that will make this process even easier!

I have quite a few clients that now wiring all of their lighting circuits into a closet and then putting the keypads in the rooms instead of 4 or 5 gang banks of light switches.

Usually if I can get a hold of the process soon enough — I can cure your home of Wall Acne Forever (see photos below) and I strongly recommend you consider this option. Lutron Systems work perfectly & every time so you can install large button back lit keypads in your rooms engraved with what ever options you decide the buttons are to perform for you (you have up to 7 button keypads to take advantage of).

Absolutely a Fabulous option and looks gorgeous in both new homes & retrofits. This also works well if you have a basement or good crawl space. Install your dimmers down there and turn your wall boxes into keypad boxes. I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results & convenience.

Think of the Hybrid Keypad (RRD-H6BRL) as the brain as it is both a keypad and a dimmer. The in wall keypads are just a keypad (RRD-W6BRL) — they do not control a load — they only send RF signals. If you are considering a ceiling fan — make sure that they wire the paddle separate from the light (if the fan has one) otherwise you can not use the 4 speed RA2 control switch which is really nice. I also have some clients using this 4 speed fan control for bathroom vent fans — I can get you the specifics if you are interested.


www.t-crealty.com/sivoia-qs.htm and get access to the spec form that I will need back to organize a quote for you.

I also have access to Lutron’s full motorized shading line including roller shades, drapery tracks, roman shades, Venetian blinds, etc. PLUS the new QS Triathlon Battery Powered Roller Shades that are crazy easy to install — 1 mounting bracket and they cost 2.5x less than the QS Sivoia Wired Roller Shades — they run about $589 for a 28×36 window.

I can also put a package together for you as well in about an hour via a PayPal request. And I can do so usually so within an hour or so. You mail requests in or even call or text 24 Hours to 541-331-3421. If you call — be sure to email or text me your PayPal email address to send the request to.

Plus I can have a system shipped out usually within 24 hours weekdays as long as I have everything in stock or if I program — plan on about 48-72 hours. It just depends on what I have in stock, how many systems I have to program ahead of yours, if you submitted my planning worksheet and when your payment clears as my shipping deadline is 2 pm PST Monday thru Friday. Please do note that my inventory and time to program are all time sensitive. I only have a few openings a month to design & program systems.

Just let me know! I am here to help and I can be as involved as you would like me to be.

Again Thank you for considering my help with your RadioRA®2 project — I know you have a choice of where & who to buy from so I want you to know that I do appreciate your business more than you will ever know!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email at teresa@t-crealty.com or you can call or text 24 Hours to 541-331-3421 (even orders and I can have a PayPal request to you usually within 1 hour or less). Thank you!


Teresa N. Snyder

Teresa N. Snyder

RadioRA®2 Designer & Programmer

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