Increase Your Change Ability to Break Through Ceilings and Reach Your Goals Quickly

Increase Your Change Ability to Break Through Ceilings and Reach Your Goals Quickly

Photo by David Ritter

I’d like to expand on an idea introduced in my last post – that when you break through a ceiling. you’ve increased your change ability and positioned yourself to take on even tougher ceilings.  (By the way, the types of ceilings I’m talking about are personal ceilings – the ones that exist in our minds.  It’s not that we’re trying to sabotage our own efforts.  It’s just that we have ways of thinking, seeing and/or believing that block us from achieving our goals.  Our personal ceilings can be an even bigger barrier to our success than the external ceilings we face.)

The good news is that you don’t have to wait to be up against a ceiling before you can take steps to increase your change ability.  Perhaps you’re focused on achieving a goal that you’ve been struggling with for a while and have hit a ceiling.  Or maybe you haven’t hit a ceiling but are committed to continuing to push the boundaries to build on your success and achieve even more.   Either way, I encourage you to take a quick time out to consider what it means to be change able and whether there’s an opportunity for you to boost your change ability in order to put yourself in a better position to get where you’re going and to get there more quickly.

A person who is change able doesn’t resist change.  She’s proactive.  She knows where she wants to be.  She expects to bump up against ceilings that block her way and even seeks them out.  She’s interested in finding ceilings because she knows that they’re an indicator that she’s making progress and has confidence that she can break through them.

How change able are you?  Here are some things to consider:

  • Know where you want to be. What are your goals not just any goals but the ones you’re most motivated to achieve?
  • Expect to find personal ceilings and seek them out. When it comes to your goals, are you making the kind of progress you want at a speed you’d like?  In what areas could you be doing more to drive forward? Are you seeing signs that you’re bumping up against a personal ceiling?  Look for the clues.  Any one or combination of the following could be an indication that you’ve found a ceiling.
    • Your progress has slowed or stopped.
    • You’re becoming more uncomfortable as you reach to achieve your goal.
    • You’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.
    • You’re puzzled as to why you haven’t been able to do the things you know you need to do to reach your goal.
    • Your most trusted friends and confidants are getting tired of hearing the same reasons and excuses about why you can’t do this or that.
  • Push through your personal ceilings.
    • First, take a look at where you are. What’s your sense about what’s causing the current ceiling for you?  What have you done to try to break through and how well has that worked?
    • Then, take a look backward. In what other situations in your life have you bumped up against personal ceilings?  What did you do to break through?  How might you apply the same strategies and tactics today?
    • Now, take a look upward .  How can you expand your toolkit of resources for moving beyond personal ceilings?  What do you know about the four primary levers for increasing your change ability – the force of logic, the force of will, the force of experience, and the force of discovery?  Which ones do you tend to use?  Which ones work best for you?  Which ones could you learn more about?  Which ones would provide the most leverage for pushing beyond your current ceiling?

Let’s stop here for now.  In the next series of blogs, I’ll give you an overview of the four forces for change ability.  I hope you’ll join me!

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