Inspiration for Stencils, Stenciling, Patterns and DIY Home Decor — 19th Century Ceiling Medallion

Stencil Ideas — 19th Century Ceiling Medallion Stencil

Doors have an important, oft-overlooked role in your home’s interior — but if you think you are limited to plain white doors, think again! A wide arrange of color and Royal Design Studio stencils can add panache to a dull door and help it become an important element in your home’s design.  Patterns are an eye-catching feature that can also add an element of privacy as well. In today’s post, we’re going beyond the traditional stenciled surfaces of walls, ceilings and furniture and getting inspired by a few stencil projects we a-door !

Using the same pattern as on the walls, the Donatella Damask Stencil looks positively lovely on this door and allows the design to flow seamlessly around the room. The gorgeous work is by Shanghai-based David Hsueh of Bella Vista Studio .  He has created many other amazing stencil projects with our patterns as well-and we love sharing his work!

Think a border stencil is just for walls? Here is the gorgeous Thistle Border Stencil from the Border Stencils Collection adding an eye-catching feature in the door panels that instantly enhances a home’s curb appeal. Simply use exterior-grade paint or finishes for outdoor stenciling to create a finish that you can enjoy for years.

Dripping with drama and Old World style, these gilded double doors make for a GRAND entrance. Decorative Artist Johanna Annable beautifully demonstrates that stencil patterns designed for ceilings can easily translate to other surfaces. With some clever pattern arranging, our Hampton Ceiling Center stencil is repeated to fill the large raised upper panels of the doors, while the 19th Century Ceiling Medallion stencil fills the bill on the lower square panels. Using pieces and parts of stencils in unique ways to create a custom design and fit is just one of many ways you can get creative with stencils and «make them your own»!

One of our favorite stenciling friends, Debbie Hayes of Annie Sloan Unfolded. repurposed a salvaged door into functional stenciled decorative art.  She used the Springtime in Paris Letter Stencil on the stiles and painted the insets with various Chalk Paint® decorative paint colors.  We think this is a great idea for a family message center or a home office, allowing you to plan your week with style!

Stenciling a simple raised door panel yields an unexpected yet beautiful focal point. The Interlacing Leaves Allover Stencil pattern from the Allover Pattern Stencils Collection is perfect for this space, and the splash of color coordinates and compliments the fabrics and bedding, too!

The Grand Panel Classic Stencil on the framed inset of this wood door creates a welcoming entrance! The Classic Panels Stencil Collection has patterns that lend themselves nicely for these framed surfaces as well as for creating decorative art, tapestry textiles and wall insets. To get this great look, simply start with a stained door and stencil with an off white latex paint. Then, add another thin, light layer of stain over the stenciling to soften it and give it an antiqued look.

And finally, isn’t this door a beauty? Located in Morocco’s Peacock Pavilions. she sports the Intricate Zelij Moroccan Furniture Stencil in an allover pattern and showcases a perfect way to enhance an otherwise flat, dull door.  You can also spot the gorgeous Skylar’s Lace Floral Stencil on the flooring as well!  You know how we love to mix and match patterns around here!!

Every room in a home has a door and we use them dozens of times each week, if not each day.  They perform important functions such as privacy, room separation, security and aesthetic enhancement! A well-designed door can make a striking difference in the look and feel of a room and one can easily «upgrade» the look of doors with paint and stencils!   Who wouldn’t want to literally walk into uplifting colors and patterns? We hope we’ve inspired you to create a few door-geous entrances in your home — and share them with us, won’t you? Catch us at projects(at)!

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