Wood Stove Fan — The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Home

Wood Stove Fan - The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Home

Increase The Warmth of Your Home With A Wood Stove Fan

If you have a wood stove, then having a fan sitting on top, will increase its efficiency, make your room and home much warmer (by up to 4 degrees) and ultimately save you money.

There are several benefits to running a wood stove or wood burner, and if you are reading this you probably don’t need to be sold on the idea of purchasing one, as you’ve already got one right?

No doubt you love it, just as I love mine. However, even though we love our beautiful, heat-producing stoves, they do come with certain limitations.

A solid metal wood stove is designed to become a radiant heat source. Very little heat energy is lost up the flue which otherwise happens with a normal fireplace.

The problem with a radiant heating system, like our wood stove, is being able to get an even distribution of that heat. Much of the heat simply rises up into the ceiling.

Anyone sitting near the stove may feel comfortably warm or even hot, but others, further away may experience cold spots and drafts.

Heat More of Your Home Using A Simple Fan

You can purchase electric stove fans which will distribute the heat produced from your stove. The problem with electric fans is they add to the overall cost of running the stove and can breakdown through constant exposure to high temperatures.

With recent innovations in technology, there are now non-electrical fans that work by utilizing the radiant heat from the stove, forcing it into the rest of the room.

The heat is circulated without increasing the temperature of the stove, or using any sort of external power-source.

How It Works

The fan works by using the heat from the stove to generate low-voltage electricity, which in turn powers the blades of the fan. This is often referred to as a Sterling Engine.

The fan itself is designed to withstand the high temperatures of a wood burning stove. The hotter the stove becomes, the faster and more efficient the fan becomes.

Likewise, as the stove cools during the night, the fan slows down accordingly.

No additional electricity is needed to run the fan, so the savings in energy costs are considerable over a winter season.

The EcoFan

If you search the internet for wood stove fans, youll always find the EcoFan as the No.1 product.

This is due to the fact that the company that makes the fan (Caframo) has patented the technology that enables the fan to operate without any external power.

So if you decide to buy a fan for your stove, there really is only one choice.

Thats the bad news. The good news however, is that its an excellent product!

Heres my Review of the Caframo EcoFan

Wood Stove Fan - The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Home

The Ecofan is made by a Canadian company called Caframo Ltd. who have been making stove fans and similar products for over 12 years.

Due to Caframo’s patent technology there simply isn’t another type of stove fan like it on the market. That’s not such good news in terms of competition, but it is a product that delivers on its promises.

Better Distribution of Heat

The Ecofan is a free-standing unit that sits on top of your wood stove. It incorporates thermal electric technology, which basically means it utilizes the heat from the stove to generate low-voltage electricity.

The electricity is instantly used to power the blades of the fan. It is a method often referred to as the Sterling Engine. and the Ecofan is simply a more sophisticated system.

The hotter the stove becomes, the more heat is converted into electricity and the faster the fan blades spin. The warm air is circulated deep into your room which would have otherwise drifted up into the ceiling. Likewise, as the stove cools, the fan slows down accordingly.

No additional electricity or batteries are needed to run the fan, so the savings in energy costs are measurable over a winter season. It simply pays for itself in just one winter.

Ecofan Models

Dont get confused with the 3 blade fan. Caframo do manufacture a modified 3 blade version, but its designed primarily for gas stoves. The gas stove Ecofans work on the same principle, and produce similar heat outputs but they cost more.

You can learn more about the differences on their website .

There are 2 types of EcoFan for your woodstove, even though they look very similar. Both have the 2 blade design, but one produces a greater airflow capacity than the other, which is ideal if you have a larger room to heat.

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