Best Insulation for Ceilings eHow

Best Insulation for Ceilings eHow

Standard Attics

Standard attics with straight rafters are the least expensive to insulate with the best results. Loose fiberglass fill is sprayed between the rafters and is both fire and moisture resistant. It fits perfectly into tight spaces, so it also can be used to retrofit a poor insulating job and has an R-value of 4. While fiberglass cannot decay, it does require a vapor barrier to prevent water damage.


Pipes running through roofs and attics are often neglected when it comes to insulation. This is a mistake that can cost homeowners large amounts of money should the pipes ever sweat. The best insulation for roof and attic pipes is by far rigid insulation. Rigid insulation is a board-like insulation form that companies custom mold to fit around pipes. It has a higher R-value for small spaces than most other forms of insulation and is typically covered with a radiant barrier to block even more heat.

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Best Insulation for Ceilings eHow

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