Cathedral Ceiling Ideas eHow

Cathedral Ceiling Ideas eHow

Tongue and Groove

A natural wood tongue-and-groove ceiling is a beautiful feature in a home, creating a grand yet simultaneously informal effect. Knotty pine finished with clear polyurethane will reflect enough light to make it practical, and will also add more to the insulative value of the ceiling than will drywall. Tongue-and-groove lumber should be brought into the living area at least a week before it is to be installed, in order for it to acclimate. If the pine is installed in the middle of winter and it is dry and cold, it could swell and buckle in humid weather. Conversely, if it is installed in the heat of summer, you may find gaps between the boards in January.


A cathedral ceiling is an ideal opportunity to include skylights in your home. The height of the ceiling, combined with the light-filled and airy effect of skylights, creates a very spacious feeling in a living room. If you live in a very hot climate, skylights should be installed on the north-facing part of the roof in order to avoid direct sunlight entering the home. In a primarily cold climate, the opposite is true; solar gain from a skylight can help to heat your home. If you are not skilled in roofing techniques, it is advisable to hire a professional to install your skylight. Improperly installed skylights are the cause of many roof leaks, which can lead to structural damage in your home.

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While many people dream of the luxury of soaring spaces and high ceilings, others find themselves at a loss when it comes.

The dramatic height of expansive cathedral ceilings adds sophisticated vertical dimensions to an interior space, but the ceilings also present a design.

Although similar in the feeling of spaciousness they impart, the cathedral and vaulted ceilings are actually quite different in structure and appearance.

Cathedral ceilings can be decorated in a number of different ways. Get ideas on how to decorate a cathedral ceiling with help.

The ideal paint color and design for your cathedral ceiling depends on how you want it to interact with the room and.

Vaulted ceilings and cathedral ceilings, which provide an alternative to the normal flat ceilings in houses, share many characteristics and are often.

Dramatic crystal chandeliers fit well in a dining room with a vaulted ceiling and an entire series of modern caf lights can.

Cathedral ceilings in a room rise all the way up to the top of the house and, typically, have a sloping ceiling.

Most cathedral ceilings use skylights to allow natural light into the room. During the daylight hours, the light brought into the room.

Choosing lighting for a room with cathedral ceilings can be a challenge, since you want a combination of functional lighting and lighting.

Sloped or arched walls form cathedral ceilings. These ceilings are very desirable features within a home, making a room feel expansive and.

Cathedral Ceiling Ideas eHow

Finished and installed correctly, a knotty pine ceiling will last the lifetime of a home. View Photos. Decoding Laundry Directions by.

Are Skylights Viable for a Vaulted Ceiling. Skylights with flared light shafts should be installed in vaulted or cathedral-style ceilings.

Lighting a room that has a cathedral ceiling can be a challenging task due to the irregular angles. While too little light.

Knotty Pine Ceiling Ideas. Knotty pine ceilings add rustic flavor to a. Add plenty of black-and-white art. Photo Credit Hemera.

A ceiling is more than just a means of shelter, it can greatly enhance the beauty of your home. Framing a cathedral.

While cathedral ceilings can greatly enhance the style and impact of rooms, they are sometimes difficult to coordinate with other decor. Without.

A vaulted ceiling is a desirable living room attribute for many people, providing a light, airy, open feel unmatched in places with.

If your ceiling is a cathedral or vaulted ceiling. Length-cut the top boards (as the peak of the ceiling). How.

Tongue and groove ceiling planks are relatively easy to install. They're made of light wood in planks long enough to span the.

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