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Harbor Breeze is a well acclaimed in-house brand of Lowe’s ceiling fans. For almost more than six decades, Harbor Breeze has been providing affordable and at the same time best in class ventilation solutions for office, home and any other living space. The Harbor Breeze fans, are best, to say, they reduce costs, by serving up for both heating and cooling solution, thanks to their reversible thrusters and motors. In spaces that are air conditioned, but too big, for any effect to perpetuate, the Harbor Breeze fans drum up a solution, in class, designed suited for high rise ceilings and the likes perfectly. Not only affordable, but also Harbor Breeze fans have excellent energy ratings, to boast around. Being energy efficient, doubles up the benefit columns, bringing down the electricity bill and at the same time, letting you do your little part, saving the world for better. Best said at last, the main perk based on which you can choose Lowe’s Harbor Breeze fans is the variety it bring at your disposal. Insurmountable, if I may say so.

To go in perfect synchronization with their best in class products, and their replacement parts, Lowe’s has a whole team of experts dedicated to customer service and to clear up, on any queries, what so many ever happen to tumble on them. Harbor Breeze lets you get all the support from them, right from when you order you shipment from them. You will receive an E-mail when your order has been shipped. This E-mail from Harbor Breeze will include confirmation of purchase, shipping information, and the tracking number you will need to track your order. You can also call 1-800-445-6937 Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (ET) and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET) for additional assistance .

With online purchase ruling the roost, it is only natural that Lowes has a wide range of credit lines. You can visit, the Lowes Credit Services website/blog in their official website for all the details, without a speck left aside.

For any queries about your Lowes Credit Card, you can contact their Credit Center, 24*7. on a weekday or a weekend irrespective of it. For questions about Consumer Accounts you can place your calls to 1-800-444-1408. For any queries about Commercial Business Revolving Accounts, you will be needed to call 1-800-444-1408. Further, any questions about Commercial Accounts Receivable Accounts, you can simply dial 1-866-232-7443 and get your entire shambles cleared up .

This website will be updated regularly with Harbor Breeze fan manuals, tips on maintaining fans, finding replacement parts for fans and light kit as well as installation videos and guide. You can Contact Us via this form for any queries related to Harbor Breeze fans. We will try our level best to help you out.

Harbor Breeze Shop


Ceiling fans are put to almost constant use in every place that they are installed. While, reputed manufacturers like Harbor Breeze strive to provide you with high quality and durable products, wear and tear is inevitable, especially when it comes to ceiling fans. You might also plan on customising the look of your ceiling fans to match any changes in the room décor. For these reasons, Harbor Breeze provides a wide range of replacement parts for your ceiling fans. From blades to motor casings to light fittings, any replacement part you need can be easily purchased, if you can provide certain details.

Once you have this information you can narrow down the search for the parts you need replaced. You will have to filter out the replacement parts that you can use according to the type or model of product that you are using. If you have trouble doing this, you can get help through the dedicated customer care number available at the Lowes store. You will need to provide the representative with the details about your product and they will help you with ordering the parts that you need to get replaced.

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