How to Replace Ceiling Fan Blades eHow

How to Replace Ceiling Fan Blades eHow


Stand on a chair or step ladder and carefully remove the ceiling fan blades from your current ceiling fan central mount. The fan blades are typically secured to the motor by two screws on the top of the blade near the motor. You will want to remove and replace all of the ceiling fan blades t once even if there is damage only to one of the blades as the replacement fan blades will most likely not be an exact match to your old blades.

Go to your local home improvement store and speak with a salesperson about buying ceiling fan blade replacements for your fan at home. Most large home stores will carry ceiling fans and the blades are merely an accessory. If however your home store doesn’t carry ceiling fan blades a la carte then you mat have to find a home store online which does carry replacement fan blades.

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Ceiling fan blades may get damaged and need replacing, or you may need to remove them in order to clean them thoroughly.

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Once you have reattached the replacement blades, activate your ceiling fan to make sure the fan is balanced. If it wobbles excessively.

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There are several reasons why a ceiling fan may suddenly start wobbling. One reason is if one of the blades becomes warped.

Ceiling fan blades may warp due to humidity. the blades need replacement so that they will turn fluidly when the fan.

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