Lighting Options for Suspended Ceilings eHow

Lighting Options for Suspended Ceilings eHow

Track Lighting.

For a suspended ceiling, suspended lighting is an option. Track lighting is typically two or more lights placed along a bar suspended from the ceiling. When using with a suspended ceiling, either the light fixture itself or the suspension bar may be hung below the ceiling for lighting options. The installation requires careful planning for the space and assembly. Electrical wiring installation may be required. It is suggested a licensed professional run any additional wiring required for installation. Cuts in the suspended ceiling must align with the lighting posts. The lights must be assembled after the ceiling and the posts are in place, which may not be simplistic, but it results in multiple lights for the room all from one electrical outlet.


A chandelier, whether large and grand or small and elegant, adds a touch of class to almost any room. With multiple reflective decorations, a chandelier offers direct and indirect lighting for a room. The long stem from which the lighting fixture hangs may be run through a suspended ceiling. The base of the ornamental item is secured to the natural or constructed ceiling above the added suspension. The fixture only requires a hole large enough for the support rod to pass through, which will be cut in the drop feature. The lighting assembly is completed after the base and rod are in place. The style of chandelier chosen should fit the perspective room. Don’t hang the fixture too low in a room or too close to the false ceiling.

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Suspended ceilings are semi-permanent coverings often used in places like basements where access to building mechanical systems may be necessary. Off-the-shelf.

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Suspended Ceiling Ideas. A suspended ceiling is a ceiling that is suspended beneath the original ceiling. Lighting Options for Suspended Ceilings.

False ceilings are used for a variety of reasons, such as hiding lighting and wires or creating an artistic appearance in the.

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Lighting Options for Suspended Ceilings eHow

How to Do a False Ceiling at Home. A false ceiling. Make the mark at six inches below the ceiling joists.

Suspended ceilings, also known as drop ceilings, are a cost-effective and low-maintenance choice for adding a ceiling to existing space or to.

A suspended ceiling light, such as a chandelier, can add a little flair to a room. Installing a suspended light from the.

A false ceiling can provide several lighting options. False ceilings — also called suspended ceilings — can do more than just hide.

Suspended ceilings have a number of lighting options such as drop-in florescent tube lights, recessed canister lights and even chandeliers. The electrical.

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A faux (false) finish is a treatment that imitates a particular material. Ceiling treatments can make or break a basement renovation.

Despite the advantages of suspended ceilings — such as cost of materials and ease of access to utilities — they also pose.

For reasons of aesthetics or heat retention, some kitchens have dropped ceilings. These are ceilings that consist of a series of panels.

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