Outdoor Ceiling Light Fixtures

Outdoor Ceiling Light Fixtures

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Outdoor Ceiling Light Fixtures

Great Advantages of Outdoor Ceiling Lights

By Janet Martinez

Outdoor ceiling light provides numerous benefits, which can be narrowed down into the two most important, namely, security, and beauty. In terms of actual outdoor light system installation, the light design will be characterized by area condition, landscape effect and your preferences.

When deciding on your outdoor lights, pick an outdoor light system that you will be able to install yourself. There are five main types to pick and choose from. You can opt for up-lights for ground level lighting due to the fact that the lights are pointing upwards. It is the best choice if you want to light landscape areas as well as features, including trees and architecture. Up-light fixtures are available in either spot or flood light.

For outdoor lighting with a super dramatic effect, backlights are ideal. The only problem with backlights is when over designed it can appear a little overwhelming. These lights should be used behind an object for example petite plant or statue.

Pathway lights serve as a great guide along path and driveways. It is best suited for decor lighting purposes while providing additional safety on pathways. Its best location above the ground, as it’s intended to scatter light with a gentle glow. Steer clear from over light the area as it will just look like an airport runway.

Down-lights are perfect for spotlighting and floodlighting. They illuminate back doors, gazebo’s and garden, beautifully. In contrast to pathway lights, a down light should never be visible as its goal is to provide natural light that’s magical and inviting mood to specifically rock and fountain gardens.

Once you’ve decided on a lighting system, it is essential to check its wattage. This can be done by obtaining the wattage sum of all the outdoor lighting fixtures you’ll be use. You should then invest in a transformer that’s compatible with total wattage calculated. It’s always best to opt for transformers with wattage capacity that preferably more than the total wattage required.

Determine cable length you’ll need on the location of your outdoor lighting. If the system is less than 200 watts, a 14-gauge cable will be sufficient. In case of 200 watts plus, 12-gauge will be best.

Another important decision is the light control options. You can choose from timers, lights controlled by natural light levels or conventional on and off switch.

Transformer should be installed at least one foot off the ground and cable run to the transformer by stripping half an inch of insulation from wire end with either a sharp knife or special insulation stripping tool. Connect the wires in accordance with transformer instructions.



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