SkyLights Plus

SkyLights Plus

How big of a skylight do I need?

Every skylight is sized to fit a particular room according to many different factors. Many contractors install a standard 2 x 4 skylight, without considering all the different factors. We look at the rafter spacing to determine the width of the skylight. how large the room is, how deep the shaft will be, along with many other factors.

How much does a skylight cost?

Standard skylight installations vary from room to room. Many factors go into the estimating: type of skylight, roof type, rafter spacing(will there be rafter cuts and re-inforcing),open shaft or cathedral ceiling, finish type.

Do I need one that opens?

Sure if it is in the buget!Openable skylights save on cooling costs and solve ventilation problems better than windows.They work great in bathrooms, kitchens, rooms that have high cathedral ceilings, or rooms without any other ventilation. They have the same leak proof warranties as the fixed or non-openable skylights do and do not have any long term problems.They can be operated manaly with a pole or electricly with a remote.

How long does it take to install a skylight?

We typically figure one day per skylight for the installation. Sun tunnels take just a couple of hours.

Does a skylight gain heat in the summer?

If you have a acrylic skylight you sure will. Velux has state of the art glazing options dual pane tempered over laminated glass with low-E coating(this blocks out 99% of the UV rays from entering the home)argon filled glass, with a 20 year warranty.

A skylight that has the proper glazing (that lets the light in) and is sized correctly will never let too much heat into the home. There are many glazing products that are designed to let the light in but block the harmful UV rays that can cause heat gain and interior damage.

Do I need to be home from work the whole day while the installation is being done?

Typically, most people will need to be home to let us in and to be available during the lay-out of the skylight opening in the ceiling. The installer will ask for you for a signature on the location of the skylight. After that, the homeowner is free to come and go at will. We may need to get in contact with you if there are

Do we need to use a shade?

Typically the only place we recommend a shade is in bedrooms or Tv. rooms.Or rooms with a southern exposure that our occupied in the day kitchen or maybe a bonus room.but donT worry. You can always install a shade after we have completed the skylight installation.Why spend the extra money up front?

Can a skylight leak?

Yes if installed improperly! The owner has operated a skylight division for a large roofing company for 3 Ѕ years before starting Skylights Plus.We use only the best roofing materials /techniques andVelux skylights use flashing kits that are specific to roof pitch and roofing material. Provided the proper Velux flashing is used and installed correctly, we will stand behind the product against leaks for the life of the roof. We also water test after every job to ensure a proper job was done, you will be asked to sign off on this as well.

Are sun screening accessories available for Velux?

SkyLights Plus

Velux offers Manual or Electric Pleated shades in silver-grey and black, manual roller shades in natural and twilight, and manual or electric Venetian blinds for most of our products. Any of these can be added during or after installation of the skylight.

Will a skylight or roof window let too much heat into the room?

Velux Skylights offer low-e glass as a standard in all of our units. The low-e coating is designed to let in the most amount of light and the least amount of heat. Once your skylights are installed, if you are still experiencing too much heat gain, a sun screening accessory can be easily added.

Will the sun fade my carpet and furniture?

With any extended light exposure there is going to be some fading that is unavoidable, but Velux skylights offer the option of a laminated low-e glazing that blocks 99.9% of the suns ultraviolet rays, and this will greatly reduce the amount of fading in your home. This glazing should be specified as comfort plus when purchasing your Velux skylight.

How do I operate out-of-reach Velux Skylights?

Out-of-reach Velux skylights can be manually operated with our ZCT 300 6′-10′ control rod. Velux also offers a complete electric system for out-of-reach skylights.

Can I operate a Velux Skylight electrically?

Yes. The new VSE Electric Venting Skylight makes it simple. Every VSE comes with a concealed motor and control system, remote and two rain sensors pre-installed. To top it off, every VSE is also pre-wired for electrical accessories, so adding blinds is a snap. Everything is pre-assembled and ready to install out of the box.

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