Storage Suggestions in an Slanted Ceiling Space — Good Questions Apartment Therapy

Storage Suggestions in an Slanted Ceiling Space — Good Questions Apartment Therapy

Storage Suggestions in an Slanted Ceiling Space?

Q: My master bedroom closet is very awkward and I am looking for some good tips/solutions to help my organization issues. I have a 1 story home and the master bedroom ceiling is slanted. This means that unfortunately my closet is slanted as well. It is my only closet and it’s driving me nuts not having shelving! Does anyone have any ideas for storage solutions in such an awkward space?



We have the same situation with our closets. We used Elfa components to put drawers all the way down the center of each closet, and then installed hanging bars on either side of the drawers.

Ikea has an awesome (looking) shelving system. I was just there the other day and they’re marketing it for the garage, but I think it would be great anywhere. It’s galvanized steel, very industrial looking, and can be installed against a slanted wall. I don’t know how big your closet is, so I don’t know if it would work for you. If not, you could always hang curved hooks (for purses, belts, scarves. ) above your clothes bar.

I think this is a case where custom carpentry would be well worth the money. You’ll take advantage of every inch. Fold and shelve everything that doesn’t absolutely need to hang.

For an affordable option that wouldn’t require reconfiguring your entire closet, maybe you could use the Trones storage bins on the slanted wall above the clothing rod. They are listed as shoe storage, but you could easily store other things in there: socks, belts, t-shirts, etc.

Why can’t you install a shelf above the rod?

I have a similar situation in my closet, but mine slopes all the way down to the floor. I don’t know how much depth you have in yours. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m planning to move the rod down and back to have half height hanging for most of the closet (which most of my wardrobe is anyway). That way the closet becomes walk in. I’m going to have a short full length hanging rod at the side for dresses and a small dresser with shelves above at the other side.

You can also get those storage things that hang from the rod. they make ‘em for shoes but they also have wider ones for sweaters and other accessories.

Storage Suggestions in an Slanted Ceiling Space — Good Questions Apartment Therapy

BTW, it looks like your closet is exposed to the room as well? Easy fix: hang a curtain rod and some pretty fabric. Or some shutters that fold out.

I’ve got the same issue with my closets — our ceiling slants at a 45 degree angle, so it’s tough to work with. I extended the closet into the room so that I could fit 2 rods almost like the uneven bars — with more frequently worn items kept in front and the rest tucked in the back row. Still don’t feel it’s a perfect solution — am interested in checking out some of the IKEA options suggested above.

We have the exact same 1 1/2 story closet situation — we used the Ikea Stolmen closet system with great success — just anchored the posts to the wall behind and not the floor. Nearer the floor where the walls were straight up and down we used the deeper shelves, then just switched to the shallower shelves once the ceiling started to slope.

Here is my solution. I got all the pieces at Home Depot, although I had to modify the hanger brackets to work upside down. You should be able to figure it out via the photos. For anyone in this situation I think it’s worth moving the wall back a couple feet in order to accommodate the walk-in. We lost footage in the bedroom but it was worth it.

Also, behind the cloths is a slew of storage boxes we keep the off season clothing in. The closet goes all the way down to the roof line so we could maximize every inch. It’s even carpeted. We rotate the clothing for each season. And we managed to squeeze a large jewelry dresser against the wall in between doors on the inside of the closet. That’s not shown in the photos.

I have a similar set up in the my attic apartment, and what I did was install a closet bar at the very top where the slanted wall meets the flat one and hung a bunch of cloth collapsible shelves from that. I ended up cutting out the sides of the first couple shelves nearest the top and letting the lower ones just collapse a bit against the angle—it works a lot like custom wooden shelving but was obviously a lot cheaper and temporary.

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