The Best Wall Color for High Ceilings eHow

The Best Wall Color for High Ceilings eHow

Warm Golds

Paint a high-ceiling room in warm golds to make the room more cozy, but without visually shrinking the size. Warm golds like honey, copper, golden walnut or even a yellow-orange will bring more warmth into the room. These colors will slightly reduce the visual size of the room, making the room seem less massive and more comfortable. Pair these warm golds with beige or tan furniture, accenting with red or brown pillows, throws and accessories. This color combination will continue to increase the warmth of the room and reduce the size of the ceilings without the room becoming too dark.

Bold Color

High ceilings give you the freedom to really experiment with color. Choose a deep wine red, navy blue or hunter green to slightly decrease the visual height of the ceilings. To prevent the room from looking too dark, accent the room with white or light-colored furniture and accessories. Keep in mind that rooms with more natural lighting will also keep the room for appearing too dark. If you’re not quite ready for bold colors, consider an accent wall. Paint the entire room a neutral, light cream color, then paint just one wall in red, navy or hunter green for a touch of color.

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The Best Wall Color for High Ceilings eHow

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