What is the Ceiling for Silver & Gold (Or What Happens When $8 Trillion Rushes into PMs In One

What is the Ceiling for Silver & Gold (Or What Happens When $8 Trillion Rushes into PMs In One

What is the Ceiling for Silver & Gold? (Or What Happens When $8 Trillion Rushes into PMs In One Day?)

I have written lately predicting the world wide economic crash of 2015 in an effort to warn MANY of the event and this note is to give understanding into how silver and gold will rise once the event is in FULL SWING.

What happens if TRILLIONS of cash dollars and other currencies seeks a home in these gold futures within a few hours or few days of desperation trading on the COMEX?

The question, my friends is how high does gold go as TRILLIONS rush into the gold market (and other futures markets)?

5th grade math gives us the answer: $200,000/oz gold & $4,000/oz silver.

Here, I refer you to this recording of Frank Sinatra (who has a voice very similar to mine) called “Fly Me To The Moon”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSPbwXUq9vM

Many writers have tried to guesstimate what price these metals, and others, will rise to once world wide collapse ensues and also as the smoke begins to clear over social anarchy and virtually all forms of trading goods have ground to a halt due to total lack of trust by the world’s merchants in any currency other than their own, and even their own is greatly devalued due to there no longer being an international clearing house for currency exchange or faith in any one single currency such as we have today with the U.S. Dollar.  The Chinese Yuan and Russian Ruble are beginning to make inroads into accepted trading currencies and those who control the world’s economics and social order simply cannot allow that to progress much further into the near future…

It is pretty simple to calculate a starting point for determining price, however, if we merely think of value as attached to the total economic output of the world for one year, we are easily able to quantify a basic mathematical model for determining gold price, silver price, and the prices of other hard assets easily traded in futures in the blink of an eye.

This simplifies it for EVERYONE around the world and makes it plain to see, if you are AS SMART AS A 5 th GRADER as to how to attach value and then back that predetermined value with hard asset classes so that trade within countries and trade between countries can resume with the full faith and confidence of all the merchants on the Earth.

Very simple.

And to the man who rushes in with the plan to save the world, I say “Keep It Simple, STUPID”!!

We all know who that man is as he is the only one with the economic power, the sheer hard asset power to implement a HOPE & CHANGE we can depend on…

Remember that lady-like person Karen Hudes who now appears to be fighting for her job and the right to reenter the building where she once worked until she turned “whistleblower”?

She came out of hiding, fingered the Vatican Bank, and declared the U.S. of A. has 175,000 tons of gold in the storage of the Bank of Hawaii, the same gold TAKEN by the U.S. from the Japanese and from the storage vaults they stored the rest of it in in the Philippines during WWII when they could not risk shipping it to Japan because of the American blockade of the shipping routes between the rest of Asia and their homeland.  I highly recommend reading the book “Gold Warriors” which explains most of the rest of the story on what is known as Yamashita’s Gold.

So, let’s unravel this for everyone!

Are you feeling as smart as a 5 th grader?

If we go to the CIA Factbook:  https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ we select the tab “country to view” and select “world”.  Then select “economy” and go to the “GDP (purchasing power parity)” section.  We see the 2013 GDP estimate of $87.25 Trillion for the whole world.  Let’s calculate that to 2015 when the dust of the world wide economic collapse begins to clear.

So, I stick the numbers we see there for 2011 – 2013 in a spreadsheet, then calculate the ratio of change between the years and arrive at a rounded figure of adding roughly 2.5 Trillion dollars to the world GDP each year SO the number for 2015 is roughly 92.25 TRILLION.


The next step is to divide the price of gold into this number via all the ounces of gold in the world…

If you Google articles related to all the gold ever mined you will see an interesting number of roughly 175,000 tons arrived at this year.

That is 35,275 ounces in a metric ton so (175,000 tons times 35,275 ounces) equals:

6,173,125,000 billion ounces.

Dividing that number into the world GDP equals $14,134 per ounces of gold and $565 per ounce of silver at a 50:1 ratio silver to gold.

That sounds pretty good for the holders of the physical metal, does it not?

Would You Fight All Day For This? 

A Day’s Wage For the Roman Legion…

Less Than a Modern Coffee at SDBullion!

But wait, there’s more, much more!

The gold that Karen Hudes tells us is on the books in the Bank of Hawaii and that the book “Gold Warriors” attests to in a highly documented, brilliant, almost novel like read claims there is another 175,000 tons in the Bank of Hawaii.

So, there is a problem that you my faithful readers may not see yet…

While cutting the price of gold in half might seem like the obvious thing to do here it would not be highly popular with the people and institutions that currently hold gold all around the world to see a surprise 175,000 tons decapitating their physical gold value that has risen well past Pluto when literally Trillions of dollars flow into gold and silver futures just before, during, and minutely after the crash of the world’s derivatives market.

How big is the futures market for gold in the New York Commodities Exchange where spot price per ounce is determined throughout the entire world?

The latest CFTC numbers reveal 401,813 contracts at 100 ounces per contract so 401,813,000 ounces times roughly $1325 per ounces gold price arrives this day at a small number of $54.23 BILLION

That is TINY.

Maybe that is more than is in your wallet but for Bill Gates or Warren Buffett it is doable…

What happens if TRILLIONS of cash dollars and other currencies seeks a home in these gold futures within a few hours or few days of desperation trading on the COMEX?

Here, I refer you to this recording of Frank Sinatra called “How High The Moon”?

Notice Frank and Ella discuss my name…

Okay that was fun but here is the whole tune sung by another famous singer, Nat King Cole (whose voice and phrasings I have learned much from and utilize in my own performances):

That’s a REALLY FUN recording by Nat!

What is the Ceiling for Silver & Gold (Or What Happens When $8 Trillion Rushes into PMs In One

The question, my friends was how high does gold go as TRILLIONS rush into the gold market (and other futures markets)?

The date on that is 2013, so let’s use those old numbers just for the sake of conservative calculations!

So, let’s take M2 minus M1 (because the people with checking accounts are not going to be able to react to save their cash in those accounts) and we arrive at a figure of $8 Trillion.

But, that is hardly representing all the available digits in investments around the world that can be very quickly liquidated and in the flip of a trading software switch flow into the COMEX futures looking for a safe haven!!

But, for conservative’s voice of reason, let’s say that $8 TRILLION decides to find a home on the COMEX in gold…

Divide the small number of $54.23 Billion into 8 TRILLION and we arrive at a ratio of 150.

Is that in terms of percent or 150 times 100 percent?  That number would be 15,000% increase from $1325 per ounce present day to $198,750 per ounce of gold and at 50:1 ratio, $3,975 per ounce silver.

BUT, but, but, but, but…

Silver cannot stay at a ratio of 50:1 as its historical True value is roughly 15:1 .

THEREFORE a price of $13,250 per ounce of silver in the world’s desperate attempt to find a safe haven for all their “not-so-hard” earned cash which is merely FIAT spoken into existence by man, the result of man’s foolish attempts to govern himself and not seek God or His Law in his human and often not so humane efforts at achieving dominion in the earth.

When capital is desperate to save its life, it will bid up price with no limit so those above prices calculated may in fact be VERY CONSERVATIVE on that day and surrounding that day of the world wide economic crash and the institution of the new one world government and the new one world currency to be instituted by the President of the United States of America in the Fall/Winter of 2015/2016.

So, what will be the desperate ceiling reached and what will be the price the one world government arrives at for the settling price of gold remains to be seen but I think it is safely double the figure of $14,134 per ounce at the most rational and conservative of conclusions.

THEREFORE, $28,268 per ounce of gold and $1885 per ounce of silver, all seen in late 2015 or early 2016.  These figures are hopelessly modest!

www.trunews.com/wednesday-july-2-2014-marshall-swing/   I made the bold official announcement that I believe Daniel’s 70 th Week begins on the Day of Atonement next year- September 23, 2015.

Daniel’s 70 th Week is the event all of “christianity” and “Judaism” and others have been waiting for for 2,000 years and 2,600 years, respectively.

I also declared this date on the Doc’s weekly broadcast heard here at:

Are you ready for this?

Have you bought your physical silver, gold and other hard assets to protect you and your family and friends?

Do you have your spiritual life in order, my friends?

Until next time, my friends, stay thirsty for physical metals, which God Himself created in the Earth!

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