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10 Steps to lowering your home heating bills — TODAY Home & Garden -

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10 steps to lowering your home heating bills Video: How to save on your home heating bill By Lou Manfredini Home contributor TODAY updated 1/18/2006 11:04:50 AM ET 2006-01-18T16:04:50 As we head into the thick of fighting the winter chill,..
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2A Grangewood Road, Dundonald, Belfast — PropertyPal

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2a-grangewood-road-dundonald-belfast-propertypal_21 Location Features Detached Family Home Excellent Living Accommodation Living Room with Multi Fuel Stove Open Plan Kitchen with Living & Dining Area Double Doors To Rear Decking Option of a Further Living Room or Ground Floor Bedroom 3 Bedrooms Master..
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Leakage On Ceiling From Bathroom Above — Plumbing — DIY Home Improvement DIYChatroom

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leakage-on-ceiling-from-bathroom-above-plumbing_21 leakage on ceiling from bathroom above? Before you start cutting drywall there are a few things you can do to try to narrow your choices. First, make very sure that the water is not just running down the corner of..
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Roofing roof leak from ice dam, Ice dams, I&W shield

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roofing-roof-leak-from-ice-dam-ice-dams-i-w-shield_21 Roofing /roof leak from ice dam Advertisement Expert: Dan Merrill — 2/7/2009 Question QUESTION: Hi Dan, thanks for taking my question. My house is about 25 yrs ago. My great room has cathedral ceilings with no attic space above it...
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Energy savers

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energy-savers_21 Report content Energy savers Document Transcript EnergySavers Tips on Saving Money & Energy at Home 3Save Money and Energy Today Get started with things you can do now, and use the whole-house approach to ensure that your investments are..
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Asbestos In Plaster Asbestos Watch

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asbestos-in-plaster-asbestos-watch_21 Asbestos In Plaster Prior to the advent of environmental protection laws restricting the use of asbestos in common building materials, builders sometimes incorporated asbestos in plaster to achieve a number of desirable effects.  Some of these benefits include fire resistance,..
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CPD 23 2014 High-performance insulation for curtain wall facades Magazine Features Building

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cpd-23-2014-high-performance-insulation-for_11 CPD 23 2014: High-performance insulation for curtain wall facades The facade is one of the key elements governing the thermal performance of office buildings, which can be undermined by large expanses of glazing. This CPD module, sponsored by Dow Corning,..
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Bad Advice Could Be Cause Of Ceiling Leak — Chicago Tribune

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bad-advice-could-be-cause-of-ceiling-leak-chicago_21 Bad Advice Could Be Cause Of Ceiling Leak A—Several things could be causing these water marks. I noticed that, throughout your description of the insulation and air space that compose this ceiling, no mention was made about the existence of..
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Harbor Breeze Shop

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how-do-i-go-about-installing-a-new-ceiling-fan_11 Welcome to Harbor Breeze Shop Harbor Breeze is a well acclaimed in-house brand of Lowe’s ceiling fans. For almost more than six decades, Harbor Breeze has been providing affordable and at the same time best in class ventilation solutions for..
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Ceiling Fan Speed Of Rotation Spinifex Fans

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ceiling-fan-speed-of-rotation-spinifex-fans_21 How Fast Should A Ceiling Fan Rotate The speed at which a ceiling fan rotates is a key performance characteristic.  Ideally a fan will offer a good range of speeds of rotation, from slow to gently circulate the air in..
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