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The Brain Dance — ITPedia

POSTED BY   /  13 Октябрь, 2015  

the-brain-dance-itpedia_11 How to Do The Brain Dance Here I will provide descriptions of the eight steps of The Brain Dance. They will be fairly general, as there are many ways you can execute these movements. As long as you are moving..
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Government's Empty Buildings Are Costing Taxpayers Billions Red River Radio

POSTED BY   /  6 Октябрь, 2015  

government-039-s-empty-buildings-are-costing_21 Government's Empty Buildings Are Costing Taxpayers Billions On a street corner in downtown Washington, D.C. David Wise is opening a century-old iron gate in front of an old, boarded-up brick building. Wise is an investigator for the Government Accountability Office,..
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SaunaSpecs — Sauna Dimensions and Sizes

POSTED BY   /  21 Август, 2015  

saunaspecs-sauna-dimensions-and-sizes_1 Sauna Dimensions & Sizes What dimensions should a new sauna ideally have? To minimize heat loss, standard ceiling height is 7 feet. Typical room sizes are from 4 by 4 feet to 8 by 12 feet. When planning a sauna’s..
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Drywall Prices — Compare Costs and Save

POSTED BY   /  19 Август, 2015  

drywall-prices-compare-costs-and-save_1 Learning More About Drywall Prices Drywall is a major concern during any type of remodeling project. Whether you only need a few sheets of drywall or enough to cover an entire room, knowing the average prices and the other costs..
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4 Elements of Soundproofing — Soundproofing Company

POSTED BY   /  27 Июль, 2015  

4-elements-of-soundproofing-soundproofing-company_1 4 Elements of Soundproofing How exactly do you build a soundproof room? Start with a basic understanding soundproofing construction. If you understand the basics, youll have a more educated eye to view your problem room. In general, we are trying..
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Bowers & Wilkins Launches CI 800 In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

POSTED BY   /  21 Июль, 2015  

bowers-wilkins-launches-ci-800-in-wall-and-in_2 Bowers & Wilkins Launches CI 800 In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers Bowers & Wilkins has announced the arrival of CI 800. The flagship custom installation series is an attempt to deliver the quality levels associated with the reference quality 800 Series..
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How to Install a New Ceiling Light eHow

POSTED BY   /  6 Июль, 2015  

how-to-install-a-new-ceiling-light-ehow_1 Instructions Turn off the power at the breaker box to the room that you will be working in. Make sure the power is off by testing the lights or other appliances in the room. Take off the old light fixture’s..
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Coffered suspended ceiling structure for a three dimensional grid — Dwyer, Austin

POSTED BY   /  3 Июль, 2015  

The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are defined as follows: 1. Rectilinear structure for suspension either in a vertical plane or in a horizontal plane from T-bar rails so as to create..
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Wood coffered ceiling Toronto Installing Crown Moldings

POSTED BY   /  24 Июнь, 2015  

coffered-ceiling-fine-homebuilding_2 Transform Your Room With Faux Wood Beams Youd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between real wood ceiling beams and high-quality polyurethane look-alikes. If you want the look of real wood beams without the hard labor of installing and finishing..
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Underground Utility Vault Replacement System — Patent application

POSTED BY   /  13 Июнь, 2015  

underground-utility-vault-replacement-system_1 Inventors: Aram Stepanian (Henderson, NV, US) Vahe Karamardian (Newport Coast, CA, US) Abstract: An underground utility vault replacement method and system which create an inner structural envelope is shown to protect workers and equipment. It restores structural integrity and safety..
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