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English Heritage Climate change & your home — Frequently asked questions

POSTED BY   /  26 Март, 2015  

english-heritage-climate-change-your-home_1 Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions Q: I know old buildings need to breathe what does that mean for lofts? A: Old buildings do need to allow moisture to move in and out of the fabric to keep dampness below..
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A Refreshing White Kitchen — Old-House Online — Old-House Online

POSTED BY   /  24 Март, 2015  

how-much-does-ceiling-fan-installation-cost-angies_1 A Refreshing White Kitchen Traditional finishes and period designs turn back the clock in a Connecticut kitchen. By Mary Grauerholz | Photos by ChiChi Ubina McKee Patterson designed this bright, functional kitchen for a young couple who love to entertain...
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Без имени 1

POSTED BY   /  23 Март, 2015  

bez-imeni-1_5 CURRENTLY OFF MARKET Beverly Hills, CA, 90210 Listed Price: $ 43,000,000 Set on a private bluff overlooking Beverly Hills and the entire city, this stunning Mediterranean Villa in Benedict Canyon captures the essence of Southern California living. The estate..
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Hockey’s lenience lies in his debt ceiling Business Spectator

POSTED BY   /  21 Март, 2015  

hockeys-lenience-lies-in-his-debt-ceiling_2 Hockey’s lenience lies in his debt ceiling While the US has at least temporarily increased its ceiling on the amount of debt the government can accumulate, one of the first things the Abbott government will do when parliament resumes next..
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A Plea For Tolerance

POSTED BY   /  16 Март, 2015  

a-plea-for-tolerance_2 Seeking Liberty A Tumblr log detailing a Metricon NSW project home build About Chris and Sue’s Tumblr log about their adventure building the Liberty 42 with a Plantation facade. Search Tools A Plea For Tolerance Tolerance is something you need..
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HOME CLINIC — On Installing a Ceiling -

POSTED BY   /  12 Март, 2015  

home-clinic-on-installing-a-ceiling_1 HOME CLINIC; On Installing a Ceiling By JOHN WARDE Published: April 7, 1991 SUSPENDED or dropped ceilings are easy to install. Consisting of lightweight panels supported by a grid of metal strips hung from the existing ceiling, or from joists..
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Stylish & Powerful Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

POSTED BY   /  12 Март, 2015  

stylish-powerful-dual-motor-ceiling-fans_1 Stylish & Powerful Dual Motor Ceiling Fans September 2nd, 2011 Dual ceiling fans feature a unique vertical twin motor design that offers exceptional airflow to help you beat the heat. Matthews Fan Company built the original dual motor ceiling fan..
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25 Glass Floor and Ceiling Designs Opening and Enhancing Modern Home Interiors

POSTED BY   /  11 Март, 2015  

25-glass-floor-and-ceiling-designs-opening-and_2 25 Glass Floor and Ceiling Designs Opening and Enhancing Modern Home Interiors Glass floor and ceiling designs are exciting contemporary interior design trends that bring fantastic, beautiful and very decorative elements into modern homes. Glass floor and ceiling designs, that..
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Ceiling fans can save you energy all year long — Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, California

POSTED BY   /  28 Февраль, 2015  

ceiling-fans-can-save-you-energy-all-year-long-los_1 Ceiling fans can save you energy all year long (ARA) — Gas and energy prices are rising again, and that means Americans must tighten their belts even further. You don’t need to dread hot summer temps and high air conditioning..
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Ultimate attic insulation Ted's Energy Tips

POSTED BY   /  18 Февраль, 2015  

ultimate-attic-insulation-ted-039-s-energy-tips_1 Ultimate attic insulation Icy roof deck, not a good sign! In the first two posts of this overly wordy series, we saw a few ways to insulate an attic while avoiding some of the worst problems that can lead to..
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