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Ice Dams — SERVPRO of HersheySwatara

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Ice Dams 2/21/2014 (Permalink) With warming temperatures and significant build-up of ice and snow — ice damming is a significant source of water damnage. Ice dams form when melting snow on a roof refreezes at the edge of a roof...
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Ductless Split Systems

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ductless-split-systems_21 Ductless Split Systems NEW 2014 Ductless Split Systems Line Ductless Split Systems The Advantages of a Central System Without the Hassles Ductless split systems are the ultimate room air conditioner and the cooling solution of choice for the majority of..
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Newmat — Stretch Ceiling Systems

POSTED BY   /  23 Сентябрь, 2015  

newmat-stretch-ceiling-systems_1 Newmat Stretch Ceiling Systems Fabric Selection Over 200 colors and finishes based on the aesthetic, technical, and acoustical requirements Newmat has provided the architectural, design, acoustical, and lighting communities with the most creative and technically advanced ceiling system on the..
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Glass Ceilings The Status of Women as Officials and Managers in the Private Sector

POSTED BY   /  18 Август, 2015  

glass-ceilings-the-status-of-women-as-officials_1 Glass Ceilings: The Status of Women as Officials and Managers in the Private Sector Executive Summary An examination of EEO-1 data, primarily from the most recent 2002 reports, provides insights into the status of women as officials and managers in..
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Industrial Paddle Fans — Philadelphia.

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When it comes to installations for the workplace. nothing beats our work and cost. WE GOT YOUR FANS. . Therefore, the weight of more than three blades would use more electricity, as well as put more stress on the motor,..
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Remote control for a ceiling fan — Hunter Fan Company

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remote-control-system-for-ceiling-fan-and-light_3 1. A remote control for a ceiling fan comprising: power supply means for supplying power to said remote control; keyboard means for inputting ceiling fan control commands; control means coupled to said keyboard means and said power supply means for..
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How To Install A Ceiling Light

POSTED BY   /  7 Июль, 2015  

how-to-install-a-ceiling-light-fixture_3 How To Install A Ceiling Light? There are many variables when installing a ceiling light. Depending on your mechanical ability and where you want the light can determine the degree of difficulty involved. For example, if there is already a..
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How the Ceiling Affects Your Finances

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reality-check-breaking-the-glass-ceiling_1 How the U.S. Debt Ceiling Affects Your Finances Send to a Friend via Email Recipient’s Email This field is required. Separate multiple addresses with commas. Limited to 10 recipients. We will not share any of the email addresses on this..
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Business Edge News Magazine

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Owner/manager Bryan Neubeker in The Ceiling Superstore’s gorgeous new showroom in southeast Calgary. Bryan is the owner/manager of The Ceiling Superstore. The Ceiling Superstore provides the largest and most diverse selection of ceiling tile products in the market. But Bryan..
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Ceiling Attic Insulation

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aerolite-ceiling-insulation_3 When and Where to Insulate It is hard to imagine a house today having no attic insulation. If that is the case, the likely culprit is access. The most difficult part of a retrofit attic insulation job is ACCESS. If..
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