3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram Household Fan Shop

3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram Household Fan Shop

3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wire a new ceiling fan switch?

I am replacing a ceiling fan switch that broke. The chain pulled out and it was left on high. So I bought a new 3 speed pull chain switch that looks identical to the old one.

I wired up the switch identical to the old configuration and nothing happened. Can you help me figure out wires go into which ports on the switch?


Here is a diagram of the current wiring out of the fan.



it looks like the purple is the line and the others are the speeds there will not be a ground on the switch so hook the purple up to the L and the others in the same order 1 ,2 ,and 3. as they came off the old switch if this does not work it may be a bad switch or the fan could have other problems .i can’t troubleshoot it over the Internet so if you can’t get it to work it will be cheaper to replace the fan than pay an electrician to fix it good luck


    Need help with ceiling fan remote installation?

    I recently bought a Hunter remote control (3 speed and light) and am trying to hook it up to our Hunter fan. The problem is the remote unit has red, white and black wires to connect to the fan but the fan itself only has black, white and green wires. What do I do with the red? The fan is an older model (house was built in 2004) but I assumed it would be compatible. Any help would be appreciated.

    On my remote kit, I have 5 wires. The black white and green wires connected to the power source in the junction box (that the fan is attached to). All of the white wires are connected together (power source, fan & light kit). The color wires are for the light kit ( blue for dimming and is connected to the light kit’s black wire) and the fan ( red for speed control and is connected to the fan’s black wire). My fan speed switch must be left on HIGH SPEED so the remote can operate it properly. Yours may be different. See if you can get a wiring diagram for your particular model on the internet.


    The pull chain on our ceiling fan is stuck. How do you fix it?

    You need to turn off the power to the circuit first.

    1- Remove the cover covering the bottom (should be 3 small screws).

    2- Look up inside where the switch is wired into the fan and pull down the 2 black wires from the switch.

    3- You need to put your hand up into this area to hold the switch and with the other hand, unscrew the outside collar so the switch drops down and you can cut off the two wires close to the switch.

    4- Install a replacement switch in the same manner using two orange wire nuts after stripping the ends to the fan where you cut them from the old switch (twist the old and new wire together and put on the wire nut), do the same for the other wire.

    5- Unscrew the collar from the new switch, push it up into the housing and out through the hole, screw on the collar and tuck all of the wire back inside and replace the cover.

    Now for the bad news — the pull chain switch probably has more than 2 wires if it has the fan speed control included.

    I don’t remember if these wires are color coded or not but if you take the old switch to your home center they can advise you and the package should have a wiring diagram. None of these switches are expensive.

    Oh yes, when you are done, you can turn the power back on.

    [If you aren’t sure of what you’re doing, — don’t try it] !

    ceiling fan 3 speed switch replacement doesn’t work when wired the same as old switch whats wrong?

    not all 3way switches wires the same,you have to go by the instructions and the diagram on the switch.


    I have a casablanca ceiling fan. I need to know how to wire the capacitor,3 speed switch &the forward&reverse

    ok, i found a wiring diagram for most ceiling fans. email me and i can return mail you the image and a couple of hints on how it needs to connect.

    how to change 3 speed pull chain switch for a ceiling fan?

    wire color diagram

    3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram Household Fan Shop

    Are you asking for a direct color to color connection schedule, that is not going to happen each manufacturer seems to have their own color scheme. Just start out with one color and note the speed then go on to the next etc. then connect as necessary


    Help setting up a 3 speed ceiling fan switch?

    The chain inside my fan switch broke, so that if i wanted to have the light on, the fan was always on since it was stuck on that speed. So, I bought a mainstays 3 speed fan switch and when I went to install it, I failed to note where the wires went into the old switch before I removed it. Now I don’t know where to put the wires because the directions on the new switch show black, purple, orange, and yellow wires, but my fan has black, blue, red, and yellow wires. I tried a few different combinations, and on one of them it’s making a noise like it’s trying to turn the blades except it’s not actually working. Any suggestions on where to put the wires?

    You could try the manufactures web site for a copy of the wiring diagram.

    Or, locate the internal wire that is Hot. Splice it directly to one of the other wires going to the motor and determine what speed it runs at. Repeat the process on the other 2 colors. I think you will find the black is hot and the blue, red and yellow are the various speeds. But that is only a guess. Once you have identified the speeds put the hot wire to the L1 or «odd» marked wire on the switch. By that I mean of the 4 wires on the switch, 3 of them will be labeled a,b,c or 1,2,3 or such, and the last one will say something like L1 or maybe H? If you have a continuity tester you can determine which wire on the switch comes on after the first pull. Then the second pull etc.

    Be careful if you make these connections hot. Getting even a minor shock while standing on a ladder can result in a Very Expensive trip to the Emergency Room. Better to turn the power off/on as many times as it takes in order to be safe.

    PS: Don’t feel too bad about not having marked the wires. I’ve been known to do the same thing and I KNOW Better! Ah, live and learn!


    Am trying to replace 3-way fan pull switch. Fan has Black.,Orange,Purple, Yellow wires going to switch.?

    New switch has slots L,1,2,3. Where do you connect diff. colored wires.

    That can be tricky if you took the original switch apart from the wires without writing down where each one went.

    I’ve had to to look at other similiar fans in the store or call the fan manufacturer in the past to find out how the switch should be wired. And if you get it wrong, it’s sometimes hard to get the wires back out since there is a springsteel piece in the switch which holds the wires in each slot. pushing on that with a small paperclip or screwdriver can sometimes release the wire if you need to repostion them. Most new switches come with wiring diagrams on the package or call the fan manufacturer help line and see if they can tell you where each wire goes. Don’t try to just mix wires around and hope for the best..there are 15 different combinations which would not work and only one that would work right.

    The Black wire usually goes to the L terminal.

    One site lists this as the combo.

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