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Assured Electric LLC is a commercial and residential electrical service and repair company that has served the Salem, OR area for more than 10 years. We take pride in providing first class workmanship and excellent customer service, at an affordable price. Our residential electricians, at Assured Electric LLC, have been making customers happy in Salem OR as well as many other surrounding cities and communities.  Call us now at (503) 871-4637 to schedule an appointment. We can provide an estimate and you can become another one of our many satisfied customers.

The team from Assured Electric LLC did such a great job in re-wiring my new panel that I no longer have to worry about having the oven on while drying

The team from Assured Electric LLC did such a great job in re-wiring my new panel that I no longer have to worry about having the oven on while drying my clothes or worse cooking Christmas dinner without my lights on because I was overloading the panel. What a relief.

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Assured Electric LLC is here to provide clients with trained residential electricians and high quality electrical products. We are well known as a company providing electrical installations and repairs with a level of service unparalleled in this business. Our residential electricians and supervisors provide excellent customer service, leading to satisfaction that helps to build strong relationships. It is hard to find a good, licensed, residential electrician in Salem, OR these days, but we are here.

In addition to our commitment to high quality and safe service, we are also dedicated to our community here in Salem, OR. Our licensed residential electricians  regularly  install, repair and provide electrical system changes, smoke detectors and lighting receptacles, maintenance for fuse boxes, home automation wiring and design.

If you need a first class Residential Electrician in Salem, OR contact us at:

Assured Electric LLC

7138 Marley Ln S,

Salem, OR 97306

(503) 871-4637

Assured Electric LLC is able to deliver a fast and professional response with our electricians in Salem, OR. Every electrician employed by Assured Electric LLC is a professional trades person who is provided with continual training in the latest electrical and safety techniques and equipment.

You can rely on the tradespeople at Assured Electric LLC to turn up on time and to keep you informed about what is happening. Our electrician will explain everything that has to be done, before the job begins. You can feel confident calling us, knowing that our highly trained electricians will treat you, your family, and your property with the respect and attention to safety you deserve. Whether it’s hanging a ceiling fan, troubleshooting a power problem,  rewiring your home, or upgrading your electrical service, you can call on us. We have the power to make things better!

We offer exceptional services in anything related to electrical work in your home. Our work is dependable and we are very quick in responding to our customer’s needs. Getting Assured Electric LLC to do your work can be much better for you as it saves a lot of time and you can be sure that whatever needs fixing will be repaired properly. Always keep in mind  that your personal safety could be at risk  and the threat of damaging your electrical equipment further increases if you try to fix your electronics yourself without the proper knowledge and experience of an electrician. You can be certain that Assured Electric LLC are the finest in the industry.

We’ve built our reputation by employing highly experienced, certified electricians to serve your electrical needs. Salem, OR has a lot of electricians, but our success comes from treating our customers the way we, ourselves, would want to be treated by service providers.

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