Ceiling Fan Williamsburg VA Homes

Ceiling Fan Williamsburg VA Homes

Save Energy For Summer. Flip Your Ceiling Fan Rotation

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and, in many parts of the country, weekend weather was indistinguishable from what one might expect in August.

Temperatures climbed into the 90s throughout the Southwest, South Central, Midwest and Southeast and even crossed 100 degrees in parts of Kansas.

For homeowners with ceiling fans, the change of season offers a timely reminder to change the direction in which ceiling fan blades rotate. Properly-rotating ceiling fan blades not only cool your home more efficiently, but can lower your energy bill, too.

Ceiling fans are meant to amplify your homes natural heating and cooling systems. Using the equivalent energy of a 100-watt light bulb, on a cool day, a ceiling fan will recirculate warmer air, making a room feel up to 6 degrees warmer.

On a warm day, a ceiling fan can reduce a rooms effective temperature by 4 degrees. It accomplishes this by pushing colder air back into a room, creating a windchill effect on the skin. This is a far more economical way to regulate temperature as compared setting a home thermostat up or down by 4 degrees.

The key is to have the ceiling fan blades running in the proper direction.

  • When your homes heating system is on, rotate fan blades clockwise
  • When your homes cooling system is on, rotate fan blades counter-clockwise

For additional cost savings with a ceiling fan, remember to turn it off when youre not in the room. Ceiling fans dont cool the air; neither do they warm it. Rather, ceiling fans move air which gives the sensation of a room being cooler or warmer. With nobody in the room, theres no need to run the fan.

If your home is without ceiling fans, and youd like to install one or many, the process is inexpensive and easy. There are videos online which walk you through the steps. or you can call a qualified electrician. Need an electricians name? Call or email me Im happy to offer a referral in Williamsburg.

Lower Your Fall/Winter Energy Bill With Ceiling Fans in Williamsburg

October 31, 2011 By MikeGrogan

November is here with many parts of the country are already feeling the chill. This weekend, a noreaster dropped up to 20 inches of snow in cities along the eastern seaboard   a reminder that winter is coming.

No matter where you live, though, the seasonal change in temperature throughout Williamsburg and Hampton Roads serves as an excellent reminder to reset the blades on your homes ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans dont warm or cool air, specifically. Instead, they circulate air which can have the effect of making a room feel warmer in the winter months, and cooler in the summer months.

When its cold outside, ceiling fans push warm air down from the ceiling, balancing the heat within a room. This can make a room feel 4-6 degrees warmer. Then, during warmer months, ceiling fans push a rooms cold air back into circulation, which creates a windchill effect, of sorts.

This, too, can change a rooms temperate 4-6 degrees.

The secret to a ceiling fan is in the rotation direction of its blades.

  • When fan blades rotate clockwise, the fan makes a room feel warmed
  • When fan blades rotate counter-clockwise, the fan make a room feel cooler.

This Weather Channel  video explains how it works.

If your home is without ceiling fans, consider installing one (or more). Ceiling fans are economical and green, using the equivalent energy of a 100-watt light bulb, while lowering your homes energy costs.

Plus, theyre relatively simple to install.

Tutorial videos are available online for the do-it-yourselfers. or just call a qualified electrician for assistance.

Installing a ceiling fan is a 1-hour project.

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