Coffered Ceiling Systems Moulding and Millwork Designs

Coffered Ceiling Systems Moulding and Millwork Designs

Coffered Ceiling Systems

Professional Carpenters or Contractors -

  • Are you looking for an amazing product that wows your clients, looks extremely complicated, but is actually very easy to install?
  • Are you struggling with coming up with new products and services that help you beat out your competition while generating a nice profit for you!?
  • Would you be interested in a highly profitable product that used to require a high level of skill from your subs… but now it’s fast and easy to install AND it looks beautiful. What would that do for your bottom line?
  • How many (golden ticket) referrals  could you manage once your overly excited and gushing customers start showing all their friends and neighbors our gorgeous coffered ceiling system in their home?

How many projects do you think you could compete for and win with our fast, easy and cost-effective coffered ceiling system…especially if your competitors don’t know about us yet!

Dress up Boring Ceilings!

Impress Your Clients by Offering Custom Coffered Ceilings! A Custom Coffered Ceiling System Provides-

  • Gorgeous, high quality product your clients will love
  • Reduced time required to complete the installation process.
  • Added safety for your installers and those working around them
  • Detailed, easy to follow instructions, with illustrations
  • Less tools and equipment required to complete the installation
  • No need to measure, mark and layout the entire beam pattern on the substrate surface prior to starting the installation process.
  • Reduced on-site cutting and fastening
  • Less mess and dust during the installation process
  • Complete coverage of the ceiling which hides any damage or imperfections
  • A variety of design options to choose from
  • A unique method of adjustment that achieves a perfectly level finish
  • The ability to lay out and custom fit any surface area whether square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal or irregular in shape
  • Paint or stain grade materials to choose from

As if our system wasnt easy enough..

You also receive the following tools when you order our Custom Coffered Ceiling System:

  • CAD design drawing specifically for your installation (Value $xxx)
  • Specialty fasteners for installing your system (Value $xxx)
  • Digital measuring device for accurate and precise measurements (Value $xxx)
  • Laser level to aid in the installation process (Value $xxx)

What is a Coffered Ceiling?

Coffered Ceilings have been highly desirable and were only in fashionable homes in medieval times. Structural beams were used to support the extremely heavy roofs back then. The beams formed ‘coffers’ (or boxes), a framework on the ceiling that created a grid.

In later years, as smooth plaster ceilings became the standard, many designers and builders turned to decorative beams and Coffered Ceiling treatments to dress up the plain plaster.

Different architectural periods display a variety of interpretations of the traditional Coffered Ceiling. Today’s Coffered Ceilings still reflect those interpretations of prior architectural periods in one way or another.

Quality Backed by a Warranty

You receive a written warranty, unmatched in the industry!

All of the work performed by and the products and materials supplied by Moulding and Millwork Designs is warrantied for as long as the original client owns the home!

Still have questions?

Call or email us today with any questions or concerns about your Custom Ceiling project (or any other project youre considering) and well be happy to assist you in getting your project done right the first time.

Also be sure to browse our extensive project galleries for fresh ideas and examples of how our products have  transformed home interiors from plain to prestigious!

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