Do It Yourself Under Deck Ceiling Installation Step by Step Under Deck Ceilings

Do It Yourself Under Deck Ceiling Installation Step by Step Under Deck Ceilings

Under Deck Ceilings

Do It Yourself Under Deck Ceiling Installation Step by Step

If you are looking for a weekend project that will add beauty and functionality to your homes exterior living space, installing an under deck ceiling is one of the more popular projects to tackle. But, how do you do it yourself without hiring a company or contractor? With more people fixing up their homes to save money and improve their living environment, a DIY under deck ceiling installation is a rather easy project if you have the right tools and materials.

First, you want to make sure that you have the materials and tools needed to install the deck ceiling system you have purchased. Of course, you can create your own under deck ceiling system, however there are certain concerns and issues that you need to be aware of with that. This article will cover how to install an UnderDeck brand ceiling system.

Now, on to the materials and tools list:

  • tape measure
  • chalk line
  • square
  • utility knife
  • pencil
  • Do It Yourself Under Deck Ceiling Installation Step by Step Under Deck Ceilings
  • miter saw
  • straight edge
  • hammer and/or screw gun
  • step ladder
  • tin snips
  • 1 inch to 2 inch screws (treated for your deck material) and grommets (if needed)
  • gloves and safety glasses

This is a basic list that should accomplish most of the installation, however you still might need other items or materials depending upon how your deck is constructed, where your electrical supply is located (think extension cord), how level and how high your deck ceiling area is from the ground and other considerations.

Before you begin installing any materials, there are a couple of items that you should address and look at. First, is your deck joists level? Most of them might have a slight angle to them so that they naturally slope away from the home. If so, not to worry as the installation will still be ok. Another consideration is any exposed wood that the under decking might not cover. What are you going to do with it? You might consider priming and painting it the same color as the deck ceiling material in order to give it a more custom look. You can also purchase more material to cover it as well if you desire.

Now that we have covered some of the basics and materials, lets look at the steps involved in the actual installation. This part is a brief summary of the video below. I have added the time markers that relate to each specific part in the video to help you quickly get to the sections you are wanting to find or view.

The first step is to install the water diverters. If your decks ledger board (the board that mounts to your home and holds the joists) has flashing installed, then you are a step ahead of the game. You will want to install the diverters under the flashing so any water that runs down the side of your home onto the deck is still carried away from the home into the deck ceiling area. This will lead either to the gutters or just keep it going away from the home. (time marker 0:57 seconds)

The next step is to establish your chalk lines. These lines on the joist will help to establish the slope needed away from your home to make sure that water runs away from your home easily. You want to start at the ledger board and mark a line 1 5/8 inches up from the bottom of the joist. Then, using your chalk line, run it to the outside of the deck and place it at the bottom of the deck joist. Snap your line. You will do this on both sides of your inside joists, and only on the inside of your outside joists. (time marker 1:56 minutes)

Now it is time to install your joist rails. There are several considerations here that involve if you are using gutters, tar tape to seal the joist rails and caulking that you need to closely follow. (time marker 2:34 minutes)

Next up is your collector panels installation. Due to variances in how your deck has been made with things such as joist width, straightness and obstacles such as dryer vents, you will probably need to do some fitting, cutting, refitting and more cutting here. Dont worry, it just takes a little time. The key thing to remember is to keep the arch consistent and with no buckling of the materials when you install them. (time marker 3:36 minutes)

Time to install the joist gutters to catch your rain. There are two types of gutters that you will be using here. The joist gutter for the joists and also a boundary gutter for your outer joists. Pretty simple and straight forward installation here, just a couple of snips are needed and the rest just snaps into place. (time marker 5:56 minutes)

There is one last optional step for you to consider. In the space that is left over at the end of your deck, you can take a left over piece of the collector panel and create a bend in it and secure it to catch any water into the gutter. The video recommends using a metal break, or bending appliance, however most people dont have this. You can accomplish the same thing using a straight edge and slowly working it by hand, or even a piece of lumbar and bending it will also work if you really need this.

This article has summarized the steps required to install an UnderDeck brand ceiling system. I hope this summary has helped you learn a little more about the process, and now to the video.

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