Free Dog House Plans Tips On How To Build A Dog House Correctly

Free Dog House Plans Tips On How To Build A Dog House Correctly

Take Advantage Of The Free Dog House Plans Available

Planning On Using Free Dog House Plans,

Include These Tips In the Design!

Free dog house plans — For dogs that stay outdoors for any length of time in the the heat and cold, a solid dog house and dog house design are a must. We hope that your dog’s outdoor home will just be additional shelter for your best friend when he’s out side hanging out.

Dogs Are Very Social

Don’t isolate your dog in the back yard by himself all day. It’s heartbreaking to see a dog chained or penned up with little socialization. Dogs are meant to be with their loved ones and it’s important that you include your dog as part of the family .

Deciding On Which Free Dog House Plans To Use

The first thing to do when figuring out «how to build a dog house» is to decide on a dog house design that includes the best layout possible to protect your dog from the elements.

How To Build A Dog House Correctly. Keep These Important Tips In Mind!

  • Whatever plans you decide on; they should recommend building the house off of the ground to keep any moisture out (rain and snow). This also keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, plus it keeps insects from entering.
  • It’s also suggested that you slightly slope the floor towards the door opening for excess water run-off.
  • Carpeting is a definite no-no! Any good plans will tell you to avoid placing carpeting in your dog’s house. Although this sounds like a great idea to us, unfortunately your best friend will track water in during rain/snow and the carpet will stay wet and hold bacteria including mold. Straw is better for your dog’s house and for keeping him warm and his area dry. CHANGE THE STRAW atleast every TWO WEEKS. Our hope is that YOUR DOG WILL BE INDOORS during excessive cold and heat!
  • Just like the roof on your home; you have to slant the roof. DON’T PUT A FLAT ROOF ON A DOG HOUSE — THE WATER HAS NO WHERE TO GO & CAN’T FLOW OFF!
  • The ideal free dog house plans will stress the importance of placing the entry off to the side vs directly in the middle.
  • Make sure you include a flap over the entrance. It should be made of a heavy material such as canvas/burlap and cover roughly 3/4 of the opening in length (you want to leave a little opening for your dog). This doggy door add’s extra protection in the winter and can be removed during the summer months.
  • If you live in a colder climate or experience winter months, it’s also recommended that you insulate the entire dog house including the floor, ceiling and the walls.

Just The Right Size

The dog house should be big enough that your pet can comfortably stand up and turn around. TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION IF YOUR DOG ISN’T QUITE FULL GROWN YET! It’s advised that you increase the height of the house by 1/3 of a full grown dog to allow him to stand and comfortably move around.

  • Remember though, don’t make it so large and wide that the house cannot be easily heated by your dog’s natural body heat which is very important during the colder months.

Ventilation Is A Must In Any Dog House Design

Any free dog house plans should include instructions for proper ventilation which is critical for your dog’s good health and again to keep bugs from taking shelter with him.

  • Professionals suggest using a nickel as a guide to install a few holes in the walls for ventilation.

Placement and Protection From The Elements

  • When looking for free dog house plans or a particular dog house design, it’s a good idea to look for one that includes a wind blocker or barrier that is added inside the dog house. This barrier acts as a wall inside and creates a separate room for your dog.
  • Direction and placement for your dog’s house is also really important. Most free dog house plans or «how to build a dog house» instructions indicate that proper placement includes facing the dog house door to the east, protecting him from the northern winds.


  • The materials used for the roof of the dog house are just as important as what is used on the roof of any home. It is equally as important to include shingles or tile in your dog house design.

Think Of Your Dog As Family, Not Property

We encourage everyone to allow their dog to live indoors and be a true part of the family. There are plenty of free dog house blueprints available with the right dog house design to provide a warm, dry and safe place for your dog, but an outdoor dog house should be temporary shelter only. Again, we strongly recommend that every pet be socialized with people and other dogs. Do not chain or pen your dog. instead provide him with a fenced yard, tall enough that he can’t jump over.

His outdoor home should be for limited periods of time only. He should be taken in out of the heat and cold. He should have access to fresh water at all times. A dog should learn and grow with his family and his family should learn and grow with him.

To tether him to a dog house in the back yard is to strip him of his spirit. Mans best friend is a gift. This gift if given the right opportunity will provide love and protection for his family, his pack. Don’t deny him this opportunity.

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