How to Install a New Ceiling Light eHow

How to Install a New Ceiling Light eHow


Turn off the power at the breaker box to the room that you will be working in. Make sure the power is off by testing the lights or other appliances in the room. Take off the old light fixture’s globe and remove all the light bulbs to the existing fixture. Pull the old fixture away from the mounting plate and ceiling by removing the mounting screws. Separate the three wires and remove the wire nuts from the wires. Unscrew the mounting plate of the existing fixture.

Snip the ends of the ceiling wires using the wire cutters to expose fresh wire. To remove protective coating on the wires, use the wire stripper to strip them until about a 1/2 to 1 inch of wire is exposed. This step ensures that the old wires have a good connection for the new wires to connect to.

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