Light Fixture Repair Cost Redbeacon

Light Fixture Repair Guide

People become attached to their lighting fixtures because the devices that provide light are important to the general “warmth” of any home. When things go wrong with these, it’s not always necessary to throw everything out and start over with new lights – there may be a relatively simple fix to make your lamps, sconces, and chandeliers like new. Let’s examine a few of these scenarios and see what they typically cost.

Light Fixture Wiring Repair

Wiring is a straightforward issue but one which must be approached carefully. If a wire has become loose on a lamp’s switch, for example, a few turns of a screwdriver can often fix the problem, but even tiny loose strands of wire can cause dangerous short circuits and even fire hazards. A qualified electrician is worth every penny to be certain wiring repairs are done professionally. Wires inside lighting fixtures occasionally break, or become brittle or oxidized (meaning they cannot conduct electricity effectively), and will need to be cleaned, resoldered or replaced as the case may be. In some older homes, aluminum wire is used instead of copper; this tends to become brittle over time and may break inside or near a light switch that is used frequently. Fluorescent lights often include a component called a ballast that will need replacement from time to time. For an electrician to do a basic wiring repair or replacement of light fixture wiring, you should budget from $81 to $153 .

Light Fixture Bulb Repair

The bulbs in light fixtures are often the first components to fail, and this is especially common with old-style incandescent bulbs. The thin tungsten filaments in these devices glows white hot when the light is on, and frequent switching will wear it out. Of course it’s usually easy to switch out a common light bulb, but some fixtures use specialty bulbs or may accept new types of compact fluorescent or LED bulbs that can save energy and provide more even illumination. Bulbs are measured in watts consumed and also in lumens output – ask your electrician for recommendations and expect to pay $74 to $140 for a consultation and replacement.

Cover/Casing is Broken

Ceiling and wall light fixtures usually have covers and casings to protect the bulb sockets, and a glass or plastic “globe” which diffuses and softens the light. Occasionally parts of these will break and need replacement. Globes are typically held in place with knurled “set screws” which can take a little effort to undo, and covers and paneling may slide into place or need additional mounting hardware. An electrician can help locate replacement hardware quickly, in most cases even if the fixtures are no longer manufactured. For a typical repair on a home lighting fixture, expect to pay $80 to $151 .

Light Fixture Repair Cost Redbeacon

Light Fixture Switch Repair

Switches can go bad over time and need replacement, which is often a simple matter of replacement. At this point an electrician can inspect the general “health” of your wiring and make recommendations. Rotary and rocker switches such as those found on swing-arm lamps are inexpensive but can be tricky to correctly install, as is the case with wall switches and dimmers. Expect to pay an electrician from $75 to $141 for a typical switch repair or replacement. TIP: Some types of compact fluorescent bulbs are now compatible with dimmer switches – ask your electrician for recommendations.

Ceiling Height

We mentioned lights’ wattage and output ratings (in lumens) earlier, but keep in mind that for some houses with higher ceilings, a lamp’s that works well for an 8’ ceiling will not be adequate for a larger room. For these, it may make sense for an electrician to install higher-rated bulbs or sockets to accommodate the extra wattage. The higher ceilings also require additional safety procedures when installing hardware or replacing bulbs and components. Because of safety concerns, it is not recommended for novices to attempt accessing fixtures in high-ceilinged homes without specialized equipment – again this is one scenario where a professional electrician is worth the cost even for a simple repair. Expect to pay $105 for 8 foot ceilings, $98 for 12 foot and $158 for 16 foot ceilings.

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