My Sitemap To Guide You In Your Plaster Renovation Project

My Sitemap To Guide You In Your Plaster Renovation Project

Plaster Renovation Sitemap: How To Do The Job Right

Do you want the plaster you repair and beautify to stay fixed and lovely «forever?» Of course you do.

Your plaster renovation project. as with any home project, needs to be approached in the right way. You want to do things in the right order. not overlooking the necessary preparatory stages.

You will need both patience and motivation. These are essential. Without them, you won’t get far. These attributes you bring to the table. and I in turn will do my best to show you the hands-on kind of stuff you yourself must have to do a professional job of plaster renovation.

Or, if you prefer, how to get the right professional on the job!

Preliminary and Preparatory Steps

A. To get an understanding of why plaster can fail. look at the discussion of plaster problems.

B. What kind of materials do you need to use? Drywall finishing materials are the most user-friendly for the do it yourselfer. They come in several varieties, including so-called hot mud.

Knowing how to repair plaster then, joint compounds are your ticket.

The best kind of reinforcing drywall tape

C. How to treat your plaster surface before you begin the plaster repair. You want to make sure that the material you apply sticks! And that includes getting old wallpaper off.

D. Simple drywall tools work best for applying your repair materials.

Plaster renovation: Repairing Cracks, Holes, Sagging ceilings and all that Fun Stuff .

l. Cracks What is old plaster without cracks? NEW plaster! Here’s what to do to make old plaster begin to look like new plaster — WITHOUT cracks.

You start by taping plaster cracls so they can’t open again, using the right kind of tape. Don’t miss the taping instruction guide.

2. Holes Nothing detracts from the nice appearance of plaster like holes do, ranging in size from little nail holes and small divots to gaping openings from a few inches to a few feet across. Or, chunks of plaster falling off the wall. Fortunately, holes are not so hard to fix. Lots of tips here.

3. Sagging Ceilings An ugly situation, but can be overcome with the right techniques. I have fixed hundreds of badly sagging ceilings. over the years.

Sometimes you may need to simply replace the old plaster entirely by utilizing the services of a plaster contractor Or overlay the old plaster with new drywall, finished to look like new plaster.

4. If you choose to employ a plaster contractor, you can do a lot to get ready for him. You can save him time and yourself money when you

help your plaster man. depending on how cooperative he is. Your initial interview with him will show you that.

5. It may be that a drywall contractor is what you need. Here are to some issues you should address to see if that is to be the best approach to your plaster renovation project.

6. Textures Now for the fun part! This is where you can show your creative side. Here are some basic considerations to look at as you prepare to dress up that repaired plaster with lovely ceiling or wall texture. You can see some wall texture samples. and even purchase a DVD of ceiling and wall texturing demonstrations.

7. Venetian Plaster Perhaps the most gorgeous of all plaster textures.

Venetian plaster is a rising star in the home decorating field and it’s hard to argue with that. Some of my thoughts about it and its availability.

8. Textured Wallpaper If you have a flat, clean — and repaired — wall and you don’t want the fuss of doing the texture mud thing, then this may be your solution.

Textured wallpaper comes in a great variety of kinds and styles. A beautiful alternative choice.

9. Popcorn Ceilings This is the stuff everyone seems to hate, sooner or later. How to take off popcorn ceilings. Yet, some people like ‘em and call me to spray on the popcorn texture.

Other Pages Of Helpful And Interesting Content

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If you lack knowledge or confidence in your decorating abilities, here are some resources to help you in your home decorating decisions.

An inexpensive — and easy — way to add an elegant touch to that special room you have is with raised plaster stencils.

A FREE resource to guide you as you weigh the multiple choices facing you in your remodeling or decorating projects — or in any area of your life! This is your free decision making guide. Are you interested in making money in the plaster repair field? With motivation and some experience in your own or friends’ projects, you CAN learn to do it. Some great steps to take to get started.

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Do you have a plaster problem you can’t find an answer to? Try the FAQ first, then if that doesn’t give you what you want, you can contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Then, finally, I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter BEAUTIFUL PLASTER TODAY. Keep up to date with what is happening in the plaster renovation field.

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