Residential Ceiling Design Ideas eHow

Residential Ceiling Design Ideas eHow

Ceiling Shelves

If you have a room with tall ceilings, make the most of the vertical space and add visual interest with ceiling shelves. About a foot below the ceiling, install a flat shelf plank that runs the length of the room with the wide surface parallel to the floor and ceiling. If your room has exposed beams, you can nail the shelf plank to them for additional stability; this also creates natural shelf sections. If there are no beams, you will need to add vertical supports between the ceiling and the plank at regular intervals.

Recessed Light

If you are designing a ceiling in a room that feels closed in, you can add height and light by creating a recessed area. Hire a contractor to install a recessed panel that echoes the shape of the room; in a tall room, it may be easier to drop the ceiling. Along the edges of the recessed area, install subtle, soft lights. When the lights are turned on, they will create the illusion of a taller space and will increase the brightness of the room.

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Residential Ceiling Design Ideas eHow

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