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Sloped Ceiling Lighting Ideas

July 21, 2009 by Emily

Without the proper lighting, sloped ceilings can be lost from view and leave heavy, dark space above what could be an airy, majestic room. Installing recess lighting above with adjustable aim for each fixture, as well as task lighting where needed, will make your room warm and inviting.

Sloped Ceilings

Rooms with sloped ceilings, whether they are the grand room, the kitchen, or an upstairs bedroom, give a house character and uniqueness, but installing effective lighting can be a challenge. Lighting with only traditional table lamps and small wall sconces that point straight up can leave the room feeling like a cave.

Using two sources of lighting―recess lighting above with adjustable aim for each fixture as well as task lighting where needed―can make your room warm and inviting.

Sloped or High Ceilings

Fairchild House Interiors provides excellent suggestions for lighting in rooms with sloped or high ceilings. Homeowners, even at the construction phase of the home, should visualize where they plan to place furniture and other items so they can work with an electrician to assign appropriate task lighting. They also suggest using taller table lamps and tall wall sconces to fill more vertical space and give more interest to the room.

Some design suggestions they provide also have an impact on lighting, such as choosing a different color of paint than white to paint the walls in a room with a higher ceiling and using a trendy texture which will add variety to the way light is reflected. Using rich, darker colors will bring the ceiling down to size. Also, paint the walls and ceiling the same color so that the two will work together as a cohesive whole.

For a kitchen with a sloped ceiling, This Old House recommends using track lighting above, which often can be installed using the existing electrical housing box. They also recommend under-cabinet lighting using halogen bulbs, which last 2,000 hours, or the newer xenon bulbs, which last 10,000 hours and are cooler to the touch.

For both kitchens and rooms with high ceilings, dimmer lights are recommended so that the lighting can be adjusted for the occasion. Make sure that there are enough light sources in rooms with sloped ceilings which will showcase the unique ceiling lines, as this can make all the difference.

For the Electrician

Housing fixtures that have a socket aiming mechanism allow a lamp to aim straight down regardless of ceiling pitch and can be installed onto a sloped ceiling. The H6451C housings provided by Cooper Lighting is designed for ceilings with a 10- to 45-degree slope. The lamp socket and trim can also be adjusted 20 degrees laterally for a compound sloped ceiling or to compensate for off-axis aiming. The housing fixture is also energy efficient. It is sealed and gasketed to limit airflow between two different plenum areas, or the space above the ceiling or below the floor where cooled or heated air is distributed.  It can also be used in direct contact with insulation.

Using appropriate lighting in rooms with a sloped ceiling can play a significant role in the esthetic feel to your home. Installation may be done fairly easily using existing housing fixtures, but don’t hesitate to hire an electrician to help you with more complicated plans.

Sloped-Ceiling Recessed Lighting Cooper Lightings H6451C, Nursing Homes, July 2001

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