Star ceilings Custom Fibre Optics

Star ceilings Custom Fibre Optics

Star ceilings

For something ultra modern you can transform your ceiling into a dramatic night sky with natural twinkling stars.

Hundreds of tiny fibres in various sizes and installed in random patterns and clusters create a very life like near and far effect.

All the fibres are powered from 1 very efficient led lamp which can be located somewhere accessible.

Light shines through the fibres to the end, so no heat or electricity is at the point of illumination making an instalation in any wet room possible.

At Custom fibre optics we have the knowledge and expertise to complete a full star ceiling to a very high standard. Producing real life like night skys which are elegant and classy

Please be aware of cheap imitations by your local electrician with a diy kit from eBay as weve seen first hand how unprofessional  they can look!

Please feel free to contact us for a free quote on what will be a fantastic starry ceiling.

You can start of by letting us know your location, room dimensions, if there is any space above such as a loft and any cupboards that are in the room.

Some people dont like the thought of works going on in their home or business and may be better off having one of our panels  instaled, yet if your not concerned about a few days work going on or if your in the building stage of a new house, home cinema room, or a new orangery then having a complete ceiling install may appeal to you.

There are a couple of approaches to installing a full fibre optic starry ceiling. you could use mdf panels or plasterboard, either way they need an undercoat and colour coat before being made up as starry panels and fixed to a timber framing on the ceiling. the joins would then be filled with appropriate materials and then the full ceiling would be painted a final coat, very lightly with a roller, or if there is no furniture in the room a spray gun is much easier and a better option to avoid snapping the fibres.

Star ceilings Custom Fibre Optics

The fibres can afford to have a coat of paint over the top of them, because they will be left out a few millimetres extra and will be trimmed back once the paint is dry to produce a new clean shining end. Each panel would have its own tail of fibres which would be at a length where they could all meet at the location of the light engine.

Another option is to install fibre optics into a finished ceiling, although ample space above the room in question is necessary, whether that means lifting floor boards up in the room above, or clearing a loft out along with all the insulation (which would be put back down once completed) .

Both jobs require drilling hundreds of 1mm or even smaller holes into fibrous materials, some burr marks or buck shot may occur which basically means the holes in which the fibres protrude from might be slightly fluffy instead of perfect holes but usually arent  noticeable, especially with the last coat of paint and even more so with the stars turned on.

Which ever way you chose to have a fibre optic starry ceiling its sure to be a focal point to any room and an amazing modern feature to amaze the neighbours or indeed, your clients.

There is also many ways to incorporate a pvc or aluminium panel into a ceiling such as having a panel on a ceiling of a shape, colour and position of your choice, and then skimming and painting or plastic cladding around it like these 2 kithen instalation examples. The image on the left has a recessed gloss foamex panel with some neat trim work, the other image has a floating gloss dibond (aluminium composite) panel, which gives the opertunity to install our hidden LED colour changing tape behind the feature for that added luxury and control over mood lighting

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