Customer Testimonials

Listed below are emails sent in from customers who purchased products from The American Tin Ceiling Company.

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of your ceiling tiles and show you how my do-it-yourself project turned out. Yes, it seems like all of the home centers now have wanna-be ceiling tiles but the look and quality do not compare. I used Pattern #3 in the Artisan color Copper Burnt Umber as a backsplash with my honed-finish black granite, and everyone who thought I was crazy before the installation is now convinced and begging forgiveness! Installation took a little practice but I did it myself and as a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I love it! Backsplashes can be seen up close, so I was worried about the edges being visible, but I used a caulking tube of sanded tile grout «charcoal» and it matches my granite, so you can’t see any edges even from a few inches away. I used a chisel on the outlet cut-outs and tile snips for the panels themselves.

I really love the tin panels you made for my kitchen! Everything was carefully manufactured and packed. Your presales support saved me from having to guess on what to order and were very helpful. Thanks so much!

Received my tiles Friday and I cannot express how happy I am with them! They are just beautiful. 100 times prettier then what is at stores here for 3 times the price. My dealings with everyone I had at your company, from e-mails to the delivery man has been old fashion customer service. I will recommend you to anyone looking for ceiling tiles. Thank you for restoring my faith in internet shopping.

I would like to offer a testimonial for your company: I looked at a number of ceiling options to improve the appearance of my retail lounge. Plastics, other tin coated steel products. I ended up purchasing from American Tin Ceilings because they seemed to have the best patterns and quality. The price is quite reasonable, for stylish tin ceiling panels. American Tin Ceilings cost a little less than twice the price of new fiber acoustic panels, but a third of what other tin ceiling manufacturers sell their products for. We installed 125 of them in about 6 hours, the drop-in products are extremely easy to install and perfectly made for quick installation. I was worried they would bend and distort too easily, but they are quite easy to work with. I must say, the results are spectacular. American Tin Ceilings panels look terrific. The results are way beyond my expectations. Another thing I was concerned about was the acoustic properties of a tin ceiling. Well, the sound quality of music and sound is far better now than the acoustic tiles ever were. The acoustic tile behind the tin ceiling tile gives awesome sound properties. If I had known that the sound would have actually been improved, I would have purchased them years ago. I strongly and felicitously encourage everyone to buy tin ceilings from American Tin Ceilings: Price, a myriad of colors and patterns to choose from, service, quality, Made in America. American Tin Ceilings is a great company to buy from. They are a still-shot of what American companies and industry used to be and should be again. My compliments to American Tin Ceilings and your workers.

I just finished installing my stainless steel backsplash and I love it! I took my time to get it up and I must say it looks like a professional job, even my brother said it looks great. Everyone that sees it loves it. I’m very glad I decided to take a chance with The American Tin Ceiling Co. Excellent product! I even saw a similar product at a home improvement store and it was not hear the quality of your product and it was a few dollars more, so with shipping I still got a better product!

I am attaching a couple of photos of my new living room ceiling. We built the coffered ceiling around your tin ceiling and couldn’t be happier with the results. The coffers are nice but the star of the room is the beautiful gold white-washed tin. Everyone who comes into my home is completely blown-away with the beauty of the ceiling. Your product is truly A+ and couldn’t be easier to install! Thank you for your help.

Received product Friday. Your website does not do the product justice. Wow! Your shipping department are top notch for the job that they did on packaging my order.

I purchased and installed your gold burnt umber back splash panels. They look terrific. Everyone who comes in our new kitchen declares the tin back splash to be the show stopper! Wow! is the most commonly heard word.

Glenn Greenway

I wanted to say how happy we are with our tin ceiling. My husband and I installed it over the course of a weekend. The job went very smoothly and the result is spectacular. Thank you very much for an excellent and easy-to-install product.

Joy Reed

I just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you! We bought a house last June and went through an 8 month remodel that we did ourselves. When it came time for me to design the kitchen I knew I wanted a tin backsplash. I found your site one day while searching the internet and loved the fact that you not only had a huge selection, but also had great a price! My Dad did the installation in an afternoon and I could not be happier with the outcome. The backsplash is defiantly the show stopper in the kitchen, we have gotten so many complements. It is so unique and adds a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of wow factor.

(We used pattern #2 in antique silver gloss)

Thank you again!

Amy Lasky

I received my order a few weeks ago and I had to write to your company about the way it was packaged. I have done a lot of online ordering — too much as a matter of fact. I also have done substantial purchasing in my career, where things are packed and shipped to me. As a matter of fact, I work for a non-profit ceramic arts organization where packing and shipping fragile ceramic art work is part of my job.

When I opened your package, I was floored by how well it was packed. It put my packing skills to shame. It was done with such precision, care and protective measures — that whoever is running your fulfillment department needs to receive a raise or bonus or something.

These tin panels are 500% better than the polystyrene samples I ordered a few months ago. In fact, you should put something on your web site letting people know that they can buy THE REAL THING for only pennies more than the fake stuff. And the fake ones are not very convincing, trust me.

Well, just wanted to send over accolades on the packaging and quality.

Best, Betsy

Betsy Laucks

My husband (who is not even remotely handy!) put in our tin backsplash himself. I was highly skeptical (despite the online videos without which I’m sure we would not even have attempted such a project), but tried to bite my nails out of his line of sight. I needn’t have worried. He did a great job, and it looks really fantastic. We’re both very, very pleased.

Abbey Bogost

I can’t say enough about how happy I am w/the tin ceiling. It makes the whole basement. The finish is very special everyone who sees it has a comment. I had my contractor install it. Thank you for a fine product.

Carl Pirone

LOVE it. it looks awesome. you guys are great. I have goten so much great feed back. people want what i have. I wish you could see how great it looks. i had someone put it up for me that never did it before. it came out just so so. but the tin looks so good its self that you dont really notice the mess ups on his part. love it! thanks. keep up the great products you have.

judy malley


I installed these as part of a complete remodeling job at my daughter’s house (kitchen). It’s an older home and this not only solved a problem we had from some prior water damage to the original ceiling but provides quite an interesting finish as well.

If I have an opportunity to take a photo, I’ll send it along. I’m not sure I could claim a flawless installation, but as with all things, it’s less about encountering small problems than working through them.

I think when the smoke cleared, I had only a single whole panel extra. Very happy with the finished job. Regards,

It is refreshing to do business with honest, helpful people selling a quality American made product. With the helpful installation videos, our finished project is beautiful. My husband and I did the installation ourselves (60+years young). Thank-you for everything.

Mary Mitchell / Swartz Creek, MI

We are very pleased with our tin ceilings! We did not use a professional installer, but rather installed it ourselves. We did search for an installer originally, but found only one company a few towns away (Collinsville, CT), but they were not familiar with the variety of your product, (they used a small assortment of painted and unpainted panels only), and quoted us several thousand dollars just for the installation, so we decided to do it ourselves and are very glad that we did. Your panels were very easy to install, provided time was taken to ensure that each panel lined up. It also helped to use an electric brad gun and a proper scaffolding height. One additional thing we did to help hold up the panels was to use Hard-as-Nails caulking. We put a dap on each corner and in the center of the panel to prevent the panel (2 x 2) from sagging. We also found that two people greatly improved the speed in which the panels could be applied. While I could do it myself, having another person (my wife) hold the panel steady while I nailed it made it much easier. Cutting the panels for light fixtures was quite easy, though we did make one mistake by failing to reverse the panel when measuring it! Fortunately we had some extra panels with our delivery so it was not a problem.

We are thrilled at the way the ceiling looks, and we have received rave reviews from everyone who has seen it. Many thought we had uncovered and restored the original (1906) ceiling as part of our kitchen remodel, and were surprised to learn that everything is brand new! The video on your website and Gary’s answers to our questions helped give us the confidence that we could do it ourselves. We are moderately handy, and though it was somewhat time consuming because of the need to ensure the panels were square, it was not painstaking or frustrating, and the result of our effort is very rewarding. Finally, the method we used was to start in the far corner and work our way out so the seams are not as visible than if we had started in the center. Before we did that though, we measured the ceiling and chalk lined the squares so we would know if it would be proportional. With some minor adjustments, we were able to do the installation so that it is square.

We have attached some pictures for you of our kitchen ceiling from different angles. Please feel free to use any of them on your website, and also our name as a reference if anyone in our area (West Hartford, CT) has any questions or needs local encouragement from a do-it-yourself installation. We will highly recommend your product. Attached are five pictures of the kitchen ceiling: Viewing this picture, we started in the lower right-hand corner and worked toward the upper left. (The middle light is purposefully not in line with the other two).

Nail-Up Pattern #30 Silver Brushed Bronze

Thanks Again

Bob & Carol Fiske / West Hartford, CT

Ken a few words on my your products and service. The tin was very easy to work with, it went up quickly. The advice you gave me on installation and the on-line videos were spot-on. The ceiling suits the house and we are pleased with the finished look. Grest service, thanks vey much for everything.

Andrew Wells, St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada

We are extremely pleased with the way the room turned out with the tin ceiling tiles. The job was very easy to do ourselves. The instructional videos were a great help in preparing for the job. They made it quite clear on what we would need to do as we got ready for the small job.

We want to thank you for a great product. I hope to do my basement ceiling in the not too distant future and plan to do the entire ceiling in tin.


Jim and Lana Abel

We are in the middle of a kitchen renovation on our 150 year old home here in Concord NH. We needed a cost effective solution to covering the backsplash area between our new upper and lower cabinets. At Home Depot we saw the tin panels and priced them. It was really more money then I wanted to spend. I told my wife «before we give up on this idea let me check the internet». I used Google, looked at a number of websites but yours was clearly the best. The «how to» section, the photos, the products and most important the great prices!

Your shipping was fast, your customer service responsive. I am just very, very pleased. Our backsplash material arrived in perfect condition and I’m excited to get it put up this weekend.

We were trying to find a way to cover a popcorn ceiling without having to remove all of the popcorn. I have always loved tin ceilings and, since the home I bought was built in 1940, tin was a perfect solution. We don’t have a supplier in Kalispell so my contractor decided to start looking on line and found your web sight. The snap lock tin looked like just what we needed. Then one night I was watching HG TV (which is a favorite channel of mine) and I saw a program where they used your ceiling panels on a kitchen and I said to my contractor «Thats it! I’m ordering the tin». It was beautiful! On the program It transformed the whole kitchen. I loved it so much that I decided to carry it into the living room.

One of the reasons I hesitated in the begining was because I wasn’t sure about investing that much money with an on-line company that I hadn’t heard of, but when I saw the show on HG TV I knew you were a reputable company. Thanks again for great customer service and I can’t wait to start installing it. You will be receiving pictures as soon as we are done.

Jeanne Bowman

Warmest Greetings Gary,

Just wanted you to know that Dennis picked up his ceiling today! He’s ecstatic, and we can’t wait to put them up. And it’s another positive internet experience to add to our slowly growing collection.

Thanks so much for your business and personal support. Crystal was very nice and professional, too, when I called to ask about the invoice. It really went a long way, and we’ll be sure to pass the word.

We’ll send photos of the finished project if you like so you’ll have «before» and «after.»

Take care,

Last March 19th, I ordered Snaplock panels from your company, to be used in a bathroom I was remodeling. The project grew to be more than I had planned and I ended up gutting the entire room down to the studs. It took several months to complete and the job was finished just recently. The Snaplock panels went up as planned and the ceiling was finished with little difficulty. However, I did not use drywall screws because they just didn’t seem secure enough, even though the ceiling drywall was brand new. Instead, I used /E-Z Ancor/ Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors, which I obtained at Home Depot. I highly recommend them. Another product which I used to finish off the ceiling was DAP Alex Ultra Acrylic Latex Sealant Plus Silicone-230 Grade. I used this product to caulk the joints and seams as well as the edge molding. I was able to match the Creamy White Granite panels with antique white caulking and it really made a difference in appearance. I thank you for providing a great product.

Richard Pacini

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the dining/kitchen ceiling. It’s made this huge room an absolute showpiece. I had a housewarming a couple of weeks ago with 100+ people and pretty much every one of them commented on it, most thinking the ceiling was original to the house, then not believing me when I told them it was new material, and I put it up myself (I’m notoriously stupid with tools, so if «I» can do it. ) And it’s hard to fool a New Orleanian when you pass off new architecture as old. -)

Todd Perley

New Orleans, LA

Our house is an 1892 victorian and almost all of the original work is intact. The exceptions were the bathroom and kitchen ceilings which had been replaced with glued on wall board. I had previously installed a white tin ceiling in the bath, securing plywood and nailing the tin ceiling. I liked the look but my fingers still feel the hammer blows. When I found your web site and saw the interlocking panels and colors you had to offer, I was ready to try installing another tin ceiling. Something I swore I would never do again. Well, I couldn’t be more pleased. The installation was a dream, no plywood, no nails. And the crown molding really created an elegant effect.

Ned Mahoney

We really love our tin ceiling, but our reasons for choosing the ceiling were not purely aesthetic. My husband and I were turning a back room into a TV room in our 1901 house. The room has originally been a back porch that had been enclosed. The earlier remodeling had not been done well and we were faced with large, ugly florescent lights that needed to come out.


We wanted to put in can lights and didn’t feel up to redrywalling the ceiling. We’re DIY’ers, but we also know our limits! The solution was a tin ceiling. It fit our budget (small), seemed like something we could install successfully and would hide a myriad of flaws beneath its surface. So, after reading about the snap-lock system and watching the installation video, we took the plunge.

It’s one of the best home improvement decisions we have ever made. Huge impact for dollars spent and two novices like ourselves put up the entire ceiling in a 11 X 20 room in about a day and a half.

The results are stunning and visitors to our house love the look. I’ve handed out your website address to move than 7 people! It adds a great amount of pizazz to our little back room and I know when we go to sell this house, potential buyers will talk about it as the house with the cool tin ceiling.

Thanks for making such a great product!

Catherine Dunwoodie, OH

I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with how my tin backsplash turned out. I was able to install it myself, I figure that with tool rental, my total cost was a bit over $200, and I think it added a lot more than that in value. I would definitely recommend your product. I would do it again.

Jeff Holst, IL

We are very pleased with your products you were more than great to work with. I have never done business with a company with such high standards including pleasant people, helpfull, and efficient. I only wish I had a lot more ceiling to do or that you were in other business that I could use.

I just wanted to give a testimony of how wonderful this company is. The product is beautiful (backsplash) and the service is amazing. We did a complete kitchen makeover and the crowning feature was the tin backsplash. I don’t know who was more excited, us or our contractor. Thanks to Monica for her personal care in assisting us. I’ve sent this website link to many friends and coworkers. I’ve started a trend!!

Hi, this message is to give you a great big THANK YOU. We love the tin, we used it for backsplash in our kitchen. It really made a huge difference. Everyone else loves it too. Thought you would like to get some GOOD e-mail!

ATC, I wanted to tell Ken that I installed the ceiling and it looks FANTASTIC. My father in-law and I put the 7.5 x 6.5 ceiling up in just about 3 hours, and WE LOVE IT. Thanks American Tin Ceiling Co. you crafted a great product and I will gladly share photos of our kitchen once it is all finished in a couple of weekends. Thank you Ken

We love your product and so does everyone else. The only thing is that everyone likes it so much I think several other family members are considering copying what we did.

William Walter, WV

Installed panels yesterday and it looks FABULOUS. Just wanted to say Thank You. Special thanks to David for the phone assistance.

Ruth Joy, NY

Dear Crystal,

I am writing in reference to my order which I received around the end of October, 2006. Upon receiving my order I was surprised to find that a large portion of the panels were scratched due to the movement during shipping.

The purpose of this letter is to commend and personally thank you and the American Tin Ceiling staff on how you handled the above situation. From the time I brought the issue to your attention to receiving my replacement order, I was treated with the utmost respect and my concerns were never questioned. My replacement ceiling was received in a timely manner and the end product is absolutely beautiful. The ceiling has added invaluable character to our home and I assure you that, based on how you handled my damaged order, I will recommend American Tin Ceiling to all of my colleagues and friends.

As the sales manager of a manufacturing company I am well aware of the importance of excellent customer service and, unfortunately, how rare it is to find such a stellar service. Out of the hundreds of companies I have dealt with for similar quality issues, American Tin Ceiling surely sets a high standard for customer service, much like I would expect from my own sales team. Once again, thank you for handling my damaged order in a timely and professional manner; keep up the good work!

Ben M. Hall

I have just finished my kitchen using your ceiling, backsplash and switchplates. It looks great. Your products and your staff are terrific. Thanks for the great service. I have already recommended you several times. Keep up the great work!

Marty Tanger — Mount Laruel, NJ

I received my order yesterday. Looks exactly like the picture. Can’t wait to have it installed. Thank you much!

Thank you so much for your guidance and patience during the install of my tin ceiling. I absolutely love it and have received many compliments on it. I appreciate the courtesy and time you spent with us. I would recommend American Tin as you made every effort to make the customer, me, happy!

The ceiling looks AWESOME. My husband installed it and, once he got in the groove, mastered it. I am so pleased with room. Thanks for your help. I think your assistance really gave him the confidence to tackle the project (and save us about $900!)

Thank you again for your professional and courteous service. The touch up paint blended perfectly with the original paint job. The bar came out looking great! I have kept a copy of your flyer behind the bar to show my friends who inevitably ask where I got the ‘cool’ tin. I could not be more pleased with the American Tin Ceiling Co. product and your personal and exemplary customer service. Please pass my praise along to the rest of your team.

WOW. Talk about under-promise and over-deliver! I placed my order 2 days ago and was told to figure 2-4 weeks. How about it being delivered TODAY! Not only was the product beautiful, but the packaging was superb. You guys are true professionals and ought to be congratulated (and referrals sent to, as well). Thank you.

The tin ceiling was so easy to order. Over the phone the professional staff assisted me with every detail. They were as enthusiastic as I was. The tin ceiling came quickly. My husband and I easily installed it, (our first tin ceiling). When all was done we lay on the bed staring at the beautiful ceiling. We look forward to installing tin ceilings in other rooms of our cottage. Thank you for continuing a tradition.

Custom Cherry Paneling, Limestone Tiled Counters, Above Counter Sinks, Slate Floors, and the first thing that everyone that walks into our newly remodeled bathroom says. «Oh my god, look at the ceiling!» I can say without a doubt it does make the room and I cannot imagine just a normal drywall ceiling instead of what we installed.

I am VERY pleased with the look of my 3 new ceilings. You have a wonderful product and top notch professionals in your employ. Thanks!

My husband located your company on the internet and purchased the antique gold tin for the ceiling. He installed it himself and we’re thrilled with the results! We’ve had several comments on how wonderful it looks and have referred American Tin Ceilings to several people that want to do similar projects in their home. Thanks so much!!

We couldn’t ask for a better looking ceiling and would be happy to be a reference for you in Indiana.

We installed the ceiling ourselves using just some basic hand tools. The entire installation in this 12X12 room took just over a day. This was a real snap, literally. When guests come into our home it’s one of the first things they comment on. We are very happy with the choice we made.

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