The 5th Wall The Painted Ceiling House Appeal

The 5th Wall The Painted Ceiling House Appeal

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The 5th Wall: The Painted Ceiling

As we look to the skies of blue and yearn to be outdoors enjoying Spring weather, perhaps this is the perfect time to consider painting the great indoors! Look up and consider the ceiling.

The ceiling is often referred to as the 5th wall of a room. That said, why are most ceilings white? White is safe and a tried and true standard in many homes. With paint there exists a fear of color. Often this fear is in relation to color on the walls, but most certainly in relation to the ceiling. Out of the box, indeed. But consider that most interior designers and professional painting contractors adhere to the quote that the white ceiling is like Throwing a sheet over a room. Indeed, I agree. Consider that the historical reason for white ceilings began in a time period where there was no electricity. When candles were used to illuminate rooms, white ceilings, and white walls, for that matter, facilitated in keeping the rooms light. So, truly (and I would like to quote my professional painting contractor husband, owner of Wall-Pro Painting Services. who deems himself a Space Transformer ). His take on white? White ceilings are old fashioned. Well, there is beauty to a white ceiling. Absolutely. But, alas, the ceiling is a forgotten canvas for color! There is so much to be added to a room through the use of color on a ceiling! Painted ceilings go far in adding dimension. richness. depth and drama to a space. From solid color to a faux finish, the choices are many. An infiltration of soft color or a strong saturation of color, including metallic glazes and subtle faux effects, the possibilities are endless.

Painted ceilings take on an important role in a rooms design and color scheme. Once you have decided to take the plunge into a world of color options, deciding on the overall result for the space is the starting point. Personal preference and style is key to getting this injection of color right. Approach to color must be considered in relation to the natural light and task lighting reflected in a space. Lighting changes everything! Paint can look completely different as the day changes course. Considerations of mood plays a role in the exploration of color. Do you hope to create a visually large, spacious look or a comfortable, intimate space? Why not use a strong color to emphasize a small space?

In regards to high or low ceilings, I dont believe it matters. There are written concepts towards painting the ceiling, however. Decorating 101 abides by the rule that when ceiling heights are higher than normal, paint will visually lower the ceiling. Agreed. However, the density and depth of the color you select will determine the effect. One trick from the design books is to use the same color as the wall, but at 1/4 to 1/2 the strength. This creates a cohesive look to a space. This is beautiful, too. But I still love the effect of a contrasting color! Contrast adds interest !

Paint can create a grand and elegant effect. Paint can certainly make a room Pop. Rethink the ceiling. Experiment with color! (But entrust your final color selection to a professional who will advise you and complete the complicated and often challenging task of painting the ceiling.)

The 5th Wall The Painted Ceiling House Appeal

Craving color in our spaces should include consideration of the ceiling. Dont omit the ceiling from your decorative color scheme. Envelope your spaces in color. All FIVE walls. Take your ceiling to a new level, new heights with color. Add a splash, whether soft in hue or bold in statement. Add elegance. Simply add color. White is beautiful, but color is the WOW .


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