Bathroom Adventure! Eat, Drink, and Remodel

Bathroom Adventure! Eat, Drink, and Remodel

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No more mooning the neighbors

You heard me right, the day has come. Im sure our backyard neighbors are delighted, overjoyed, and/or disappointed that they can no longer see into our little bathroom window.

Not so little when the light is on, its still dark outside, and no other lights are on in the housetalk about dropping a spotlight on our bathroom goings-ons.


Never more, never more!

Im not going to say,

Isnt this amazing?!

This curtain is so fabu!

I cant believe how easy sewing really is!

Because none of those statements would be true. The curtain is just a basic muslin, and the sew job was my first.

Thus, no close up shots of the hems/seams. They are not the best. And I kind of made up how to sew seams and how to get it the length I wanted.

This was basically my practice on the sewing machine to get myself familiar with the olstitcher.

Mostly, I am just relieved to have something blocking our neighbors view of our backsides (or frontsides, yikes!) while were in the bathroom. I knew it was getting bad when Stu began asking me each day if my sewing manual had come in the mail yetso that I could figure out how to get the bobbin to work.

Yes, that was what was holding me back. That dang bobbin.

And the fact that the company I ordered the sewing machine instruction manual from took 2 3 weeks longer than they should have to get the manual to me.

At least I can say the bathroom is finished. Complete. Done. It only took 9 months.

Bathroom Addition

And you thought we were all done with the Bathroom Adventure, eh?

Not quite, my friend, not quite.

Ive been nagging Stu for quite a while to get this done. Mostly because my part of this project only involved painting the wood.  And I finished that part real fast. I needed some manly skills to finish this project.

BAM! There it is, the finished project. Im not one for taking step by step photos (mostly because Im a chronic forgetter of photo taking).

Im super excited because we finally have a hand towel and a shelf combined into one!

We used the old kitchen faucet handles to make the towel holders, and I got the shelf brackets on sale at Urban Outfitters. Believe me, Ive had this project on hold for over a year now, and these brackets have been sitting patiently on the basement floor to finally be presented now.

The wood is from the ceiling of the awning we tore off the front of the house, you can read about that here .

I gave myself a little pat on the back for re-using wood we already had to make this shelving. It may look a little more rustic than I was planning, but thats OK, I feel better about not spending money on materials I already had.

Loving it! I still need to figure out what to display on top of the shelf, but it sure is nice to have some hand towels within reaching distance (rather than in the guestroom, just waiting to be used).

Loving it! Its so nice to get closer to having this bathroom finished, finished.

And yet.

My little bathroom fern project is not turning out so well. Poor guy.

And yes, we still dont have a bathroom curtain. Working on that.

Bathroom Adventure, Pt. Im so excited

If you watch the video, notice how one of the Pointer Sisters is taking a bath to show how excited she is.very pertinent to this blog post, if you ask me.

I made Tom the Plumber some chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and look what he did for us in return:

Yay! We have a sink AND toilet again! I dont have to walk down the stairs in my PJs in the middle of the night to use the toilet anymore which is good because I was getting tired of stepping on our nocturnal cat, and freaking myself out at all the shadows on the first floor of our house (I promise, its pretty freaky at 2 am! Especially with a moving shadow like our cat to keep me on my toes).

Stu finished the last tiling on the shower last night (big dance party for us), which means were on to grouting the entire shower. Were heading to Lowes tonight to check out shower rods and all bathroom paraphernalia. We originally thought wed go with a curved shower rod, like hotels are fond of using, but are now rethinking that idea given that the sink is so close to the shower and a curtain may just be in the way more than necessary. Not sure yet.

Were also going to be picking up lots o stuff like a toilet paper holder, possibly a cafe curtain rod to put across the window, and who knows what else. We should take out stock in Lowes, were practically stockholders anyway with the amount of time and money we spend in that place.

So while the bathroom isnt completely finished (we still cant shower in there yet), we are delighted to be so close to finishing. Here are some more pictures to admire the newness of our bathroom:

OK, so a picture of a toilet isnt exactly exciting stuff, but if you have been following along, and know how long weve been without an upstairs toilet, youd be peeing your pants from excitement too (although you may want to use our new toilet for that).

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