Draping Fabric in a Gazebo for a Wedding ThriftyFun

Draping Fabric in a Gazebo for a Wedding ThriftyFun

Draping Fabric in a Gazebo for a Wedding

Is there a book that actually explains how to drape a tent/gazebo for wedding receptions? Or can someone detail the steps for me? I’m trying to save costs for my wedding.

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I am planning a wedding with the ceremony taking place in a gazebo. I want to drape fabric in the gazebo, but am not sure if I should drape the entire thing or just partial. It is shaped like an octagon and has a beautiful garden around it. Should I drape only the ceiling and columns, or just the back three sides (like a backdrop), or drape the entire thing in a sheer see through fabric? Also it will still be daylight during the ceremony. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

M from Cherry Hill, NJ

RE: Draping Fabric in a Gazebo for a Wedding

If the gazebo is surrounded by a beautiful garden, then I would definitely leave that view open on all sides. The only way I would hide any of the view would be if something needed to be hidden.

If you would like to use the posts as your guideline then you can start the fabric where the post meets the roof/overhang and go straight down to the ground, using either a floral arrangement, shell arrangement, or other decorative element as the starting point for the fabric that hangs down to the ground. If you would like it to be even «more» you can use those same decorative elements 2 to 3 times down the length of the post and create «poofs» at those points. Measure carefully! Good poofs can use a lot of fabric!

If you are wanting to decorate the roof as well, then you can carry that same line up from the posts, which would be especially beautiful with some flowers attached to the the fabric going over the roof (or inside the roof — whichever you’re doing).

For a daytime wedding in a garden, simple will turn out to be perfect. If you are trying to «hide» the gazebo itself, then definitely consider using more than one fabric so there is not «too much» of one good thing. Even wrapping the posts in a silk like fabric would be lovely — a little Victorian, but very nice.

Lastly — if the gazebo is white, I would caution you about using a white tulle as it doesn’t visually compete well with a white paint on a solid surface and will not necessarily turn out the way you want it to, especially in photos. It’s always a good idea to bring some to the site and look at it before buying too many bolts. It could be fine, but you won’t know until you look. Ivory or another color might be much better. In addition to tulle, organza can be an ideal fabric for draping structures and comes in so many beautiful soft colors, but if you live near a fabric district, don’t rule out solid fabrics until you’ve shopped around a little.

Hope that helps. Have a beautiful day! (10/11/2007)

By Rene

RE: Draping Fabric in a Gazebo for a Wedding

When my daughter decided she wanted her bridal shower at the local park, we used old white and colored sheer curtains to drape the hand rail on all sides and then we hung garlands of flowers from the top of the roof down to the railing. It gave us a little privacy for the shower but we could see still the beautiful pond in the distance. Hope this helps, it was a very cost effective way of getting the look we wanted soft and romantic with out spending a fortune. Also the drapes at the thrift store were very cheap and we bought light colored dyes and dyed them in my washer. Good Luck, Deb. (10/12/2007)

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