Find Ceiling Fan Fixtures at On Track Lighting

Find Ceiling Fan Fixtures at On Track Lighting

The Extraordinary Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are everywhere; many people actually put them in their homes without even knowing the right way to do so; and others choose not to install them because they are not informed about their many benefits. Ceiling fans bring an incredible array of benefits to any home or office. It is important to learn about these many benefits in order to understand the importance of ceiling fans. Such benefits include financial savings, added comfort, and decorative effects.

Ceiling fans save money and Energy Star qualified ceiling fans save even more money. Why? When they are used correctly, ceiling fans can save you money on your utility bills in both the winter and the summer. Most ceiling fans require only as much power as a 100 watt light bulb. Therefore, they don’t use a lot of energy, but they create great benefits. Here’s how. In any room in your house there are layers of air with different degrees of temperature. The warmest air is always near the ceiling. In winter months, run your ceiling fan clockwise so that it will push warm air up against the ceiling and then down the walls. This will help to warm the room without creating a chilling effect. This technique has proven to lower heating costs in any room by as much as 10%! The heating unit doesn’t have to work as hard because the fan is helping it to do its job.

For the summer months, the fan becomes even more important to help keep you cool. You should run the fan in a counter-clockwise direction during these months. The fan doesn’t lower the temperature, per se, but it helps to circulate the air, and thus makes you more comfortable. Depending on the windows that you have in the room and the breeze outside, you may even be able to turn off the air conditioning all together, open the windows, and allow the fan to help create a nice breeze. Obviously, this will help to lower the air conditioning bills while creating a more comfortable environment. Research has shown that if you create effective circulation, it can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler and reduce air conditioning bills by up to 40%. Now that’s a huge savings which quickly off-sets the already low price of the fan.

To save even more money, purchase an Energy Star qualified ceiling fan. These fans come in the same styles and with the same features as regular ceiling fans, but they circulate an average of 15% more air than regular ceiling fans and they are 60% more efficient than a 150 watt incandescent bulb. Without sacrificing price or style, you can really save money with these fans. Look for the Energy Star seal when shopping for a ceiling fan to start to enjoy these great benefits.

Find Ceiling Fan Fixtures at On Track Lighting

To get the most benefit from ceiling fans, it is important to place a few fans throughout the house and office, in the most frequently used locations. It is especially helpful to have fans in the bedrooms to aid in sleeping, and in the kitchen to aid in air circulation while cooking. To ensure the best performance, the fans should be between 7 and 9 feet above the floor and between 10 and 12 inches below the ceiling. If the fan blades are too close to the ceiling, you won’t be able to reap the benefits in the winter and you might find your fan less efficient in the summer, as well. In addition, each blade should be at least 18 inches from the nearest wall.

In addition to all of the technical and financial reasons to install ceiling fans, there are also individual and aesthetic rationales. Many people find the light sound of a ceiling fan to be quite soothing. Rather than hearing the noise of traffic outside or children yelling, you can concentrate on the rhythmic sound of the fan moving. Particularly in the bedroom, this can create a soothing atmosphere as you are falling asleep. In addition, many people find ceiling fans aesthetically pleasing and charming. They add a whole new dimension of design and color to any room. Buy a fan in the shape of a plane or a spaceship for a child’s room; choose a Victorian, charming fan for your bedroom, and pick a contemporary, flashy fan for the entryway or kitchen. Whatever your taste, On Track Lighting has a ceiling fan to add to your decor and your preferences.

Overall, ceiling fans are an essential part of any home design. They significantly reduce energy costs; they aid in circulation which creates added health benefits; they soothe and create comfort in a room; and they add style to any space. It’s not often that such a small purchase can have so many benefits. Purchasing and installing a ceiling fan is incredibly easy and simple. Start to enjoy the advantages today!

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