Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans — Company Info — Best Harbor Breeze Fan Reviews

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans - Company Info - Best Harbor Breeze Fan Reviews

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Review

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are the store brand fans that are sold at Lowe’s. The Lowe’s stores were established in 1946. Today, they have a total of 1616 stores located in both the US and in Canada. Lowe’s is a Fortune 500 company and employs thousands of people in order to provide their quality products to consumers.

Harbor Breeze fan company is the Lowe’s ceiling fans name brand. These units are made to last for a long time and create perfect air circulation that can cut down on cooling costs tremendously.

They are also good for the environment, because the more people use ceiling fans, the less they use air conditioners. This not only saves on electricity, but also cuts down on the possibility of mold and microbe-harboring that the air conditioners cause.

Harbor Breeze Fan Company Overview

The actual manufacturer of Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is Litex. There are over 100 fans produced by Litex with variety of prices carrying Harbor Breeze trademark. They are made with diverse design styles to match the interior design of any room. Litex also makes outdoor ceiling fans, light kits and remotes as well.

The most popular fans are the ones with the brass and white designs, but there is huge array of choices in designs.

The lifetime warranty for the motor shows how much they stand behind their product. If you experience problems with your ceiling fan, bring back to Lowe’s and they should exchange it for you.

Consumers have complained that Lowe’s did not have the replacement parts that they needed, but there are internet sites online that supply parts if you have trouble finding them.

We also found mixed opinions about the Harbor Breeze fans; some consumers report that the fan only functioned for two years. Others say that they have had them for years with no problems at all.

Best Harbor Breeze Fans -Top Selling Models

Although Amazon.com does sell Harbor Breeze ceiling fans on its website, the best place to check out the product line is the Lowe’s official website. They list products by bestseller rating just like Amazon.com does. The Best selling of the Harbor Breeze collection according to Lowe’s are:

Harbor Breeze 44 Bella Vista Dark Oak and Mahogany Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan. 3-Light is a great deal at the cost of under $70. The three speed reversible motor and five reversible blades are made to create the perfect mixture between air flow and beauty. For the most part, buyers love it according to reviews. The easy and quick installation receives a thumbs up, and they agree that it functions well and looks great. One reviewer says that it is barely adequate for a small room, and one other said it was impossible to install, but these are just two of the many.

Harbor Breeze 52 Tilghman Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan 5 wicker design blades was extremely popular on reviews as well. It is quiet and it moves well. The lamp that hangs down is unique and it is light kit adaptable. The price was hard to find, but this ceiling fan was listed for $79.99 on Ebay.

Harbor Breeze 44 Bella Vista Ash and Mahogany Antique Nickel Ceiling Fan. 3-Light has a three speed reversible motor, five reversible blades, and three choices of mounting. People love it, but one consumer says that the description of this fan is misleading. He said he actually wanted to hang it without the light kit. Apparently, this could be flush mounted, but the light kit was mandatory. Other than that, for the people that want a beautiful, quiet fan that runs well, they can purchase it for $70.

Other Benefits of Harbor Breeze Brand

Customer service. most consumer reviews are pleased with Lowe’s customer service and ability to handle problems with the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Most of the issues reported were due to improper installation and were managed with instructions from customer support that explained how to fix the problem easily.

Good for the Environment — Eco Friendly. you will find most of Harbor Breeze ventilations models as Energy Star compliant products. These highly efficient fans will cut down a lot of money on your energy costs over time

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan parts. replacement parts are not always available at Lowe’s, but for the most part, anything that has been needed by customers for the ceiling fans has been handled well by Lowe’s or Litex.

Ceiling Fan Light Kits. you can also get Harbor Breeze light kits if you are interested in adding light to you Harbor Breeze fans. The light kit can add decor and illumination to both the fan and the room, and give it a more aesthetic look.

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