How To Paint Stripes on the Wall

How To Paint Stripes on the Wall

How To: Paint Stripes on the Wall

May 12, 2011

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do decor-wise in my baby boys room I wanted something that would grow with him through the years, but could still be accessorized easily for all ages.

For a while, I came up blank. see what I just said I was looking for? not. easy.>

My favorite-home-decorating-blogger-ever-in-the-whole-wide-world, Layla at The Lettered Cottage. became my go-to for inspiration. She doesnt have kiddies but I knew that I could pull inspiration from within the walls of her adorable home. And I did. She has a little room in her house that she lovingly refers to as The Reading Room. and when I saw how she styled it I knew I found my inspiration:


Photo Credit: The Lettered Cottage

Not just any kind of stripes horizontal ones.

I love how open and airy they make the room look feel until she invites me over. Hint, hint, Layla.> So I had my mission: paint horizontal stripes on the walls. I did tons of research around the Interwebs in order to make my job easier, and it worked, so Im going to share with you my findings and show you the pics of the newly-striped-but-hardly-finished-nursery.

Ok here goes nothin.

What youll need:

Step 1: Paint the lighter of the 2 colors that youve chosen on the wall 2 coats minimum. I say to paint the lighter color first simply because its easier to paint over. I painted the darker of the 2 colors on my wall first, and everything turned out just fine, but I figure better safe than sorry, ya know? I would give the paint at least 3-4 days to dry. I was able to let mine dry for a couple of weeks, because I was in no hurry, but even if youre pressed for time, try to allow what Ive suggested.

Step 2: Based on the height of the ceiling in the room, figure out how thick you want to make the stripes and how many stripes you want. I was very fortunate that the ceiling height in the babys room is an even 8 feet, so I did 8, 12 stripes.

Step 3: Start drawin. Use your handy-dandy four-foot level as a ruler; once you get your level to be, well, level, hold onto it tightly against the wall and draw the stripe along the level. Depending on size of your room, this step can move relatively quickly since youre getting 4 feet worth of a line drawn at a time.

How To Paint Stripes on the Wall

Step 4: Once all of your lines are drawn, go back over them with tape. Remember every other stripe will be the color thats already on the wall, so make sure you tape on the outside of the lines where the new color will be painted.

Step 5: Prevent bleeding with painters tape. This is a crucial step. All painters tape what the brand says> allows a little bit of bleeding which makes for not-so straight lines and more time youll need to spend touching up. This is how you remedy that issue: Take a paintbrush with the color thats already on the wall and seal the edges of the tape. This way if bleeding does occur, it occurs with the color thats already on the wall, and then the new color will have perfect lines. This is what your walls will look like at this stage in the game:

Step 6: Paint the new color on every other stripe. This is where having a 6 or smaller roller will come in handy. I used a regular 9  roller and found that it was extremely difficult to stay in the lines. Anyway. Make sure you paint at least 2 coats of the new color as well.

Step 7: Pull the tape off while the paint is still wet. This is also important for getting crisp straight lines if the paint is still wet it doesnt have time to grab hold of the wall and the tape and cause chipping when its pulled off.

If youve followed my steps, this is the result you should get:

Except Im sure youll have enough forethought to put the electrical and light switch plates back on before you reveal your work to the world.

Well blame that mishap on pregnancy brain.

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