Icicle Party Ideas

Icicle Party Ideas

What Ideas do you Have for an Icicle-Themed Birthday Party?

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Icicle cones are easy to make, sweet treats that can also be used as party favors. Image ©Christine Gauvreau

Question: What Ideas do you Have for an Icicle-Themed Birthday Party?

A mom named Robin posted the following question on the kids parties facebook page: My daughter’s 7th birthday is in July and she has decided on an Icicle theme. any suggestions for food, decorations, or otherwise? We’re also looking for catchy phrases to use on the invites(there will be a pool).


First let me start by saying that I love the idea of an icicle party in the summer! Having a daughter with a July birthday myself, I’ve survived quite a few parties under that hot summer sun, so I think an icicle theme is refreshing in more ways than one.


The first thing that came to mind for this theme is the collection of acrylic icicle ornaments that hang from the ceiling, mantel and archways in my home at Christmastime. I thought about how those same ornaments can be used for an icicle-themed party. Robin also mentioned her party would have a pool, which means at least part of the party will occur outdoors, so I thought about outdoor places to hang them, such as from the deck rails, the roof and any trees surrounding the yard. Strings of icicle lights can also be draped around these areas. However, I’m not sure I’d want to spend a hot summer afternoon rooting around the attic for holiday decorations, so perhaps other options for homemade icicle decorations would work better. One suggestion is to use lengths of white and silver curling ribbon as the icicles. You could even hang the ribbon from helium-filled balloons and let them float up to the ceiling, awning or inside of your patio umbrellas to give the illusion of icicles dangling from above. Other suggestions for icicle party decorations:

  • Candy glass icicle decorations.
  • Icicle paper chains.
  • Icicle centerpiece: Pick up a foam cone from a craft store and cover it with white paint and glitter. You could even hang this upside down above the center of the table (from a chandelier or patio umbrella) so that the point of the cone is facing down like an icicle. Sprinkle a few candy kisses on the table beneath as “icicle drops.”
  • Artificial snow or snow confetti on some of the party space’s surfaces.
  • A snow machine to pump snow into the party space


Icicle Party Ideas

Sugar ice cream cones, dipped in melted white chocolate can be made to look like icicles. Coat them in sugar crystals to add shimmer. And since it is summer, serving them with ice cream, of course, would be ideal.

Another idea is to fill these cones with miniature marshmallows and wrap them in cellophane to send home as icicle party favors.

Additional ideas for icicle party food:

  • Pretzel rods, covered with white chocolate.
  • Braided breadsticks topped with mozzarella.
  • A sheet cake, cut into the shape of an icicle and topped with white frosting and sugar crystals or shredded coconut.


Robin mentioned she was looking for some catchy wording for the invitations. Here are a few ideas to use as a springboard for creating the text:

  • Come hang with the icicles at the coolest birthday party in town!
  • It’s hot outside, but the pool is chilly,

An icicle party is the place to get silly!

  • The icicle fairy has come for a stay,

    To celebrate (birthday child’s) 7th birthday!

    Come join us for fun and swim in the pool,

    At an icicle party that’s sure to be cool!

  • Favors

    • Beach towels; rolled up and tied with white ribbon and an icicle ornament.
    • Icicle cookies.
    • Icicle boxes. filled with candy or stickers. (You could even have guests make and fill these as a party craft.

    The icicle party idea is one I’m going to keep thinking about. If you have suggestions to add, please share them here!

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