Jonathan — New Ceiling Fan

Jonathan - New Ceiling Fan


Wow, it’s almost been 2 months. Sorry, peeps, I guess I’ve been busy. Well, that and I was kinda hoping I’d be on my own land by now. I’m not yet, but there’s been some positive news on that front. I don’t want to jinx anything, though, so I’m going to wait a few days before posting on that. Instead, I’m going to give y’all some pics of my new ceiling fan.

I know, I know. it’s not what you wanted to see, especially not after that bit of a teaser in that first paragraph. After all, I already had a ceiling fan. What was wrong with that? Well, there was actually nothing wrong with the first ceiling fan. It ran beautifully. It was, however, and AC ceiling fan designed for standard household current. As such, to run it off of the DC current coming from my batteries, I’d need to have an inverter. Not only that, but the power consumption costs of such a setup would prohibit me from running it. So, I’ve taken the old one down and put a new DC ceiling fan up.

Honestly, I liked the looks of the old one a little better, but this one’s nice, too. It was on sale at Backwoods Solar. The blades are a little longer than the old one, which allows it to move more air than I expected. That’s a good thing, because the fan rotates a whole lot slower than the old one. That’s one of the downsides of being direct from 12volt DC — the ceiling fan motors don’t spin as fast. It’s fast enough to circulate the air in winter, though, and on the high speed it’s been keeping the place cool for now. How do you adjust the speed without pull chains, you ask? With this!

That little white sucker mounted to the wall there is a remote control. It came with the fan at no extra cost — pretty neat, eh? It has 3 speeds, and the lowest speed draws less than half an amp. That’s, like, more than 10 times more efficient than the other fan running through an inverter would have been. In fact, right now I’ve been able to add this fan to my battery draw without getting upgrading the solar panels! Granted, it won’t be enough for winter when my panels aren’t generating as much, but for right now it’s an unexpected treat.

Thanks to the remote, I didn’t have to install a switch, either. I just capped the old AC wires (that line continues on, anyway) and ran some new DC wiring up to it. The trickiest part, though, was that the ceiling fan didn’t come with a 24″ downrod. I went to the store to get one, but it seems nobody around here carries the old 1/2″ diameter downrods anymore. I didn’t want to wait to order one, so I did the next best thing: I bought some black pipe, the kind used for gas lines, and drilled the necessary holes in it. It might not be too pretty right now, but it’s functional and it can always be prettied up later.

Okay, this is kinda silly, but it made me happy. In an effort to lose a little excess poundage, I’ve been trying to cut back on my Mt Dew intake. I was drinking almost a 2-liter every other day, so it needed to be done. I’ve started drinking more water, but my water bottle would empty so quickly, and my big jug wouldn’t fit in the little fridge. I could have reused a 2-liter bottle, but the plastic never sit right with me. So, I got this pitcher that fits perfectly into the 2-liter slots in the door! I love it, and I always have cool water available. I’m thinking of going back to the store (Bed, Bath, and Beyond) and getting another one for Kool-Aid.

And, of course, we need a Barney pic. You know, just because.

So that’s it for now. In the next couple of weeks (hopefully sooner) I should have another update ready. It should be good news; I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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