Knockdown Texture — Knockdown Drywall Texture

Knockdown Texture - Knockdown Drywall Texture

Knockdown Texture Knockdown Drywall Texture

Knockdown Texture

Knockdown Texture is a drywall finishing style widely known as a “Spray Texture“. It had been growing in popularity, especially in track homes, due to the ease of application and the ability to hide imperfections in the wall or ceiling. Knockdown texture can be sprayed onto walls or ceilings, then “knocked down.” There are commonly three types of knockdown textures (by consistency), light knockdown, medium knockdown and heavy knockdown.

Knockdown Drywall Texture

Producing A Knockdown Texture.

How To Apply A Knockdown Texture?

Step 1. Prep the areas in which you are working. Cover floors, mask off fixtures, outlets, moldings, etc…

Step 2. Next, get all purpose mud (here use west pac) and mix it with water until the proper consistency has been reached. For example, can be compared to the consistency of pudding. Warning: If the mixture is too thick, it will clog up the hopper or sprayer. If the mixture is too thin, it will create a huge mess and run down the walls or ceiling.

Step 3. After you are down mixing you are now ready to begin spraying. Pour the mud mixture into the hopper or spray machine and begin spraying, first begin at corners and spray in a consistent up and down motion until mixture has been sprayed evenly throughout the areas you are wanting to apply texture.

Step 4. Wait approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on the temperature in your home. To tell when it’s ready to be knocked down, the compound will not look as glossy as when freshly applied. Begin by putting your (16-inch or 24-inch) knockdown texture knife in the top corner and ease it down “flattening the texture”, repeat this process until the texture is completely “knocked down.” You are now down texturing, great job! Before you begin painting, wait approximately 12-24 hours (until the texture is completely dry!)

Considering A Knockdown Texture?

The most important information to understand if you are considering having a knockdown texture applied to your home or office is that you should hire an experienced drywall service, or painting service that has years of quality experience spraying knockdown. While you may be able to get a texture similar or even very close to knockdown — an experienced person in the trade will notice the difference. Flaws are easily noticeable, and if you have a drywall repair in the future, matching your texture will be hard for the repair person if it is irregular — even for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask of a current sample of the texture from the person who will be producing the knockdown finish.

Papa’s Handyman is your qualified, professional, affordable home improvement service in your area. We specialize in producing quality drywall textures including knockdown. Our drywall finishing techniques are of quality and are done with a 100% quality workmanship guarantee attached! Our texturing is very important to us, and we aim to deliver quality in any situation – even when matching irregular textures of knockdown or other finishing styles! Call Papa’s Handyman today for an estimate on your knockdown texture project.

Did you know, a knockdown texture is a very popular texture applied in homes in the Southwest and West Coast and has been gradually growing in popularity in the East Coast. Many have referred to a knockdown texture to a California Knockdown Texture.

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