Repairing a Popup Camper ThriftyFun

Repairing a Popup Camper ThriftyFun

Repairing a Popup Camper

In order to be able to use a compact camper trailer, it must be able to lift up easily, and keep the rain out. This is a guide about repairing a popup camper .

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Question: Replacing the Plastic Slide Guide on a Popup Camper

I can replace all of the grey plastic slide guides on my popup camper, except the one on the right rear. The reason is there is no way to get behind the guide to fasten/hold the nut that I can figure out, unless I completely remove the bed platform. I really do not want to do that. As that side does not actually glide into anything as the other three do, is there any real need for this glide?

Question: Repairing the Lift System on a Pop Up Camper

How do I repair a crank lift system on a Dutchman pop up camper? Only 3 of the 4 lifts will come up.

Question: Replacing the Ceiling of a Pop-Up Camper

I would like input and pictures on replacing the roof on a 2001 Coleman Santa Fe pop up tent trailer. Thank you.


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By Katie [3] 08/03/2010 enough. Go there and do a search for your problem because there were/are problems galore with the circa 2000 Fleetwood/Coleman ABS roofs. I have a 1999 and mine has luckily been free of problems, but Im always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The shipping is crazy. Any chance you can take a trip to the factory? It would probably cost you the same, but at least youd get a little vacation out of it.

Even if you have to pay for the shipping, Id recommend doing it anyway. Only the original owner can get the roof like that and if you sell it without fixing it you wont get as much for your unit, plus the next owner will be looking at about a $3,000+ bill to do what will cost you $1,200. We are the second owners of ours and thats part of why we wait with baited breath to see whats going to happen with ours.

Fleetwood/Coleman pups are the best out there, but they definitely made a misstep with that ABS roof. Too bad, because its a handsome roof.

Question: Repairing Holes in Canvas Tent Trailer

We bought an old pop up last fall (86 Starcraft). The pin holes it had in the roof turned out to be much bigger. Needless to say, we have water damage. We are down to the foam in the ceiling.

I would like to know how to repair this? Can anyone tell me 1.) an inexpensive way to just have something there to enjoy the camper for the summer and 2.) the «proper» way to repair it? Thank you!

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By Becca [1] 06/03/2010

Question: Replacement Canvas for a Pop Up Camper

We have a 1993 Starcraft pop up camper and we do not have the canvas that goes around the entire camper, «the walls». I am having a lot of problems finding a place that sells them for under $2,000.00. Does anyone have any ideas? I don’t care where in the US it is. Thanks.

Repairing a Popup Camper ThriftyFun

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By Kelly Penny [4] 07/16/2010

Question: Repairing a Rockwood Premier Popup

I have 98 rockwood premier popup. I need to repair the wood in the top section. The wood is rotted due to water seeping in from where the roof and top wall meet. The caulk must not have been applied properly. The arms that hold the roof up in one corner is starting to bend do to the lack of support. Does anybody know if I can take this to someone who can repair it. Also once I get it fixed I want to clean the mold on the canvas, but it seems to be in the middle of the canvas. Is there something that can get into the middle of the canvas and clean the mold. Can I order new canvas. Can anybody help?

Ruben from Hammond, IN


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By April [179] 06/02/2008

Take it to Shipshewanna Indiana. There is a place right on the main highway-not to far down from the Super 8 hotel.

The guy there strips old RV, campers and popups and resells the parts. He can see what you need, talk you through how to do it. If he doesnt have what you need, he can find it for you, or send you to a local Amishman who can fix it.

Just dont go on a Tuesday—traffic will be bad due to the flea market—unless you get there early and beat the traffic.

Question: Repairing a Popup Camper

I need to clean and repair canvas and screens on 1976 Coleman Popup camper. I am also having problems with bunk slide outs and with cranking. The canvas is very dirty; not much mildew; need to resew at the door. The screens are brittle, cracked. Can slideouts be removed and gliders lubed? Same for the cranks? any advice greatly appreciated.

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