Starscape — we paint glow in the dark stars on ceilings

Starscape - we paint glow in the dark stars on ceilings

Amazing Glow in the Dark Stars on Ceilings


We expertly paint a view of the night sky’s stars and constellations in luminous paint on your ceiling, showing all the local constellations as seen on a cloudless night free from light pollution!

The glow in the dark paint is not visible during the day but when you turn the light off at night, you are greeted by a spectacular scene (it looks as if someone has stolen your roof )

The effect is truly awesome — and being an astronomer I don’t use that word lightly! It’s also a unique balance of art and science providing an inspiring and romantic effect (imagine enjoying magnificent clear and glorious skies every night) as well as offering a great way of learning the stars and constellations from the warmth of your home

As part of OnBrightSky’s continuing mission to help bring an understanding of the cosmos we also give you a free astrolabe and starcharts so you can go star and constellation spotting in your room. You will then be amazed when you take it outside starspotting at night how your ceiling has embedded the natural starscape of constellations into your mind and you begin to recognise some of the patterns and shapes

Here is a video, unfortunately i still havent managed to capture the awesomeness of glow ceilings (but you must have an idea of that already if you are here ;) but this vid gives an insight into my methods of creating a star ceiling and how you can expect a truly accurate starscape

(If you get a starscape done — remember to ask how they do it and if you can watch it being done, else you may be paying someone good money to paint random glow dots on your ceiling)

***It also features an explanation of how to find the winter hexagon — 6 bright stars that point out six different constellations***


We always produce astronomically correct starscape ceilings featuring several constellations and can offer a representation of the night sky, as the stars looked for any date and time of your choice! We can paint it to look like the sky as you were being born — some starscapes can be better than others, we will advise you on this


The perfect gift for kids of all ages, in a child’s room it creates an endlessly fascinating and inspiring atmosphere to really ignite their imagination. A starscape ceiling can be educational as well as entertaining. Don’t be surprised when they can’t wait for bedtime!


Perfect for any bedroom, it’s a special joy to fall asleep to every night. Imagine dozing off to dream under the starry night sky. A starscape is relaxing, stress relieving and simply a great way to end the day. We could paint your star mural to match the sky of your birthday or wedding date and turn your bedroom into a romantic paradise. under the stars


Nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, therapy rooms, hospitals, schools and offices — whether its for education, inspiration, relaxation or simply to impress, give your clients or staff an unforgettable edifying, relaxing and amazing treat

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost then?

Contact us for a quote I usually charge between 200 to 300 loosely worked out around 2 per sq foot (minimum 200) plus travel expenses if i’m coming far. Contact us as we often have special offers and as most of our custom is from referrals, we will also refund you 20 for a second room or recommendation

What does it look like during the day?

Incredibly, it’s invisible during the day — even when you get right up close to the ceiling and look, its pretty hard to see where the stars are (yup that makes it pretty tricky to paint!)

Is it those glow in the dark stars you can get in the shops?

No, the materials used are specialist and much more effective than anything you may find in the high street. Those stars may glow for an hour or two if you’re lucky. The high quality phosphorescent paint we use can glow all night

Can I see a picture of one you’ve done then?

Oh. we wish, we wish, we wish, but you know it’s like trying to video a dream — impossible to even begin to capture its essence. If you really want to see the effect, get in touch and we’ll try to sort out a viewing

How long will it take?

It really depends on the size of the room and the style/accuracy you chose, but it is usually done within 6-8 hours

Isn’t that sort of paint radioactive? Am i gonna end up growing extra limbs and looking like an alien myself?

No, unfortunately we don’t provide that service! The paint we use is NON-TOXIC and NON-RADIOACTIVE. It is the highest quality, next generation phosphorescent paint which absorbs the UV frequencies in natural light, then stores that energy, and re-emits it slowly (up to about 8 hours) as visible light

Is it going to be an accurate representation of the night sky?

The starscape ceilings are the same as any of the astro-tools we make, (see Astrolabes, Planet Finder, Fridge-Magnet Henges and Biodynamic Calendars) everything is hand crafted with precision, love, attention to detail and if we may say it ourselves. artisanship and skill. So you will find the main constellation stars are a surprisingly accurate representation. It’s only fair to admit that some background stars, Milky Way plus any effects you may want such as shooting stars, planets, nebulae, rockets, UFOs owe more to, well shall we call it ‘artistic interpretation’.

Can you do my ceiling please?

Sure, contact and we’ll agree a mutually convenient price, date and time

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