Basement Drop Ceilings Basement Finishing Ideas Learn how to finish your basement

Basement Drop Ceilings Basement Finishing Ideas Learn how to finish your basement

Basement Drop Ceiling People This Way Please!

Well I think we all know how I personally feel about drop ceilings but that doesnt mean my taste in ceilings reigns supreme. I do know a lot of folks who love the old suspended ceiling look and prefer to have one installed instead of a drywall ceiling their basement.

To be fair to the drop ceiling crowd and the drop ceiling industry as whole, we need to discuss the plus-sides of the drop ceiling.

This is what I think of when im hating-on drop ceilingsIm sorry I just cant help myself! When someone says that they have a friend who just finished their basement and they put in a new drop ceiling this is what I imagine it to look:

I see sagging tiles, crooked grid-work and a low ceiling height look throughout the entire basement.

And no matter how hard I try to ignore the drop ceiling and concentrate on the other beautiful basement amenities like their bar, new bathroom, home theater, etc. all I can think about is the fact that that ceiling is killing me!

But check this outDrop ceilings have come a long, loooooong way since the days of the 2 x 4 floppy panels! Man there are some really nice drop ceiling options on the market today that have changed my tune about suspended ceilings(kind ofsort of).


New aggressive styling- 1st reason No longer do you have to settle for boring flat white cheezy panels! Todays drop ceiling enthusiast has some pretty awesome tiles to choose from that will give your basement quite the snazzy look.

Todays 2 x 2 ceiling panels offer a 3D profile, come in a zillion different styles and cool colors that will please any crowd.

The new style grid-work is thinner, stronger, and comes in an assortment of colors to hide the fact that your looking at a drop ceiling. Todays panels are made from a variety of materials including metal and even wood panels. Some of these ceiling are absolutely amazing to look at when they are finished.

YEP! Their all drop ceilings! Its amazing how far the drop ceiling has come since I was kid. Now I could settle for a ceiling that looks this good regardless of the fact that it iswella suspended ceiling

Sound Deadening effect- 2nd reason Some panels offer a huge sound barrier factor and are ideal for a Home Theater application where sound deadening is a huge part of the equation.

Drywall ceilings could never match the sound suppression capabilities of certain suspended ceilings.

And the styling that this type of ceiling can give your new home theater is pretty awesome in its own right!

If you have small children and are looking for a way to deaden their play room noise between the basement and the 1st floor of your home, this is one way to do it! This is yet another convincing selling feature for the drop ceiling.

Other than these two compelling reasons for installing a drop ceiling in a basement, I have no other motivation to do it, and I personally still prefer installing a real drywall ceiling   on my basement projects.

  Closing thoughts on drop ceilings:

Well I guess the Drywall Ceiling vs. Drop Ceiling debate could go back and forth endlessly. There are compelling reasons for both types of ceiling to be installed.

I should also mention that you can certainly use a combination of the two in your basement, maybe a drop in the theater and drywall in the other areas? Its up to you really, after-allit is your basement.

My thing isI want the basement or the lower level of the house as we like to call it, to look exactly like the rest of the house. Im building another level of the housenot remodeling a basement!

Everything from the style of trim, the doors, hardware, banister railings, lighting and ceilings matches the rest of the house. So Im still recommending Drywall ceilings because drop ceilings, for me, make it look like Im down in the basement.

Good luck with your basement ceiling projects. Im always here if you have any questions about your basement project! Just leave me a comment below and respond the same day!

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