Bedroom Ceiling | Design Your Interiors, Home Interiors

Bedroom Ceiling | Design Your Interiors, Home Interiors

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Bedroom Ceiling

Bedroom ceiling is usually neglected while designing the bedroom interiors. Rather it would be more accurate to say that we don’t consider designing the ceiling at all. We are so particular about the right bed, the ornamental furniture, the flooring designs, etc. etc. that we ultimately end up with a mundane ceiling. The same ceiling which is the first thing we look at in the morning is completely neglected. The fact is that ceilings are an integral part of bedroom interiors, and even paying slight attention can make a huge difference to your bedroom.

Bedroom Ceiling

Let’s start with what to expect from your bedroom ceiling design

  • The bedroom ceiling should be pleasant to look at.
  • The ceiling should add to the elegance of the bedroom.
  • The ceiling design and color should match the existing bedroom theme.
  • The ceiling design should not dominate the bedroom interiors.
  • If you are installing a false ceiling, then it should be light weight.

POP Bedroom Ceiling

The most common material used for bedroom ceiling design is Plaster of Paris (POP) . The flexibility and versatility POP lends to the bedroom ceiling is remarkable. POP can be easily molded into any design and shape we desire. There are numerous ways in which you can use POP for your bedroom ceiling designs. The simplest one is ceiling skirting. Though easy to implement, it takes away the dull look of a plain ceiling. It also allows you to lay emphasis on the wall-ceiling segregation and play with complementary colors on both. You can also opt for wooden skirting for your bedroom ceiling, it gives the ceiling a rich and unique look.

POP Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Another widely adopted option for bedroom ceiling designs is POP ceiling patterns. These designs are created using POP molds and you can choose from infinite varities, because POP can take any shape you can think of. You can form ornamental ceiling borders using POP. Also, ornamentation encircling ceiling fixtures like fans, chandeliers and hanging light fixtures is common. These ornamented ceiling style is borrowed from Victorian ceilings. These POP designs can also be painted in metallic (gold, silver, etc.) colors to give a royal feeling to your bedroom.

POP gives your bedroom ceiling a smooth and neat finish. So, even if you don’t want designs for your bedroom ceiling, just apply a coat of POP on the ceiling. This will make the ceilings flawless and attractive.

Bedroom Ceiling Design – Recessed Ceiling

Another great way to adorn your bedroom ceiling using POP is by introducing a false ceiling. You can enjoy the benefits of a recessed ceiling by incorporating a POP false ceiling. Various designs are created using the recessed ceiling concept. You have the liberty to choose the shape the recess creates- it can be linear, L-shaped, U-shaped, rectangular/square, circular, oval or even curved, and you can place it wherever you desire.

The most common recess created for bedroom ceiling design is along the walls of the room, i.e. the central part of the ceiling is lowered. Lighting fixtures are embedded in this lowered ceiling to brighten the bedroom core. This bedroom ceiling design is adopted if you want to highlight the bed in your bedroom. The recess can also be created in the central part of the room, i.e. the section (horizontal band) of the ceiling along the walls is lowered. This ceiling design is chosen if you want to highlight the walls of the bedroom. Small spotlights can be installed in this section and these spotlights can be used to draw attention to paintings or family photographs hung on the bedroom walls.

Bedroom Ceiling – Cove Lighting

An additional advantage you can draw from recessed ceiling is cove lighting . Coves are created along the recess and LEDs are installed in it. This makes the ceiling appear to glow. In cove lighting, the light source is hidden and the room gets diffused light from the ceiling recess lending a magical look to your bedroom. Due to this reason, cove lighting has become a widely used element of bedroom ceiling designs.

Wood Bedroom Ceiling

Apart from POP, the other common material used for bedroom ceiling design is wood. Wood ceiling inevitably lends your bedroom a rich look. Just take care that the wood color and texture you use for the bedroom ceiling matches the existing décor of your bedroom. To maintain uniformity in your bedroom interiors, it is recommended to use common wood color and texture across your bedroom interiors, and ceiling definitely forms a part of it. You can also experiment with complementary wood colors having a common texture.

Wood bedroom ceilings are usually installed in form of panels or tiles. You can either cover the entire ceiling with wood, or have a section of the ceiling decorated with wood panels. You can also create beautiful bedroom ceiling designs by mix-and-match wood and POP. A recessed ceiling with lower portion formed of POP and recessed portion paneled with wood makes a remarkable bedroom ceiling. Another decorative option is wood beams installed at regular intervals. It gives the bedroom an ethnic look. For easy installation, faux wood or engineered wood is used for bedroom ceilings. Units made of engineered wood are light and hence aid easy installation. Similar to POP ceilings, recessed lighting or cove lighting can be implemented in wood ceilings. As we discussed earlier, skirting using wood beading is also a feasible bedroom ceiling design.

Bedroom Ceiling design Wallpaper

A simple, effective, cheap and easy way of decorating your bedroom ceiling is using wallpapers. Wallpapers offer you wide variety in terms of color, texture and design. It is very easy to merge the bedroom ceiling to the bedroom theme using wallpapers.

While POP, wood and wallpapers make excellent bedroom ceilings, you should take precautions to keep your ceiling damp proof. Moisture and dampness can ruin your ceiling, as all three materials- POP, wood and wallpapers- respond poorly in presence of moisture. Avoid having bathroom in the upper floor right above the bedroom. Also, if you have a terrace above your bedroom, treat it for moisture resistance and do not allow rain water to stagnate. A layer of damp proof course can help.

Bedroom Ceiling Fixtures

Apart from the ceiling design itself, ceiling fixtures also add to the bedroom décor. These ceiling fixtures can be any of the following:

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