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Ceiling Fan Box Old Work Household Fan Shop

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How do you hook up a ceiling fan when the existing light fixture only has two cloth covered wires?

Both are correct to some degree in a hundred year house the wiring will be knob and tube. The first thing I would ask you to do is to visit the hardware store one more time they sell a bracket box that will fit into the opening between the rafters. As you tighten the box the cleats dig into the rafters and the box is rated for the weight of the fan. The neutral conductor is the grounded conductor in your home the green wire from the fan can go to the box, for the four conductors of the fan you will have to read the instructions very carefully and determine which conductors will be spliced together and which will be tied to the house power. I’m sorry I can not help you any further but you did not give enough information to determine the wiring f the fan.


How to increase ceiling fan speed?

I have orpat 75 watts ceiling fan 4 months old. It is running too slow. Can somehow its speed be increased? Its too hot at patna to bear with this fan speed.

No. The speed can not be increased. To do that you need to understand energy conversion. The amount of energy the fan uses is converted into mechanical energy (rotation of the fan blades). That mechanical energy is converted into wind (air movement). To increase wind you need to increase the mechanical energy. If you simply put different blades of a different size or angle, the net result will still be the same. Running a bigger blade will also waste energy by converting some of that energy into heat loss energy. So changing the angle of the blades or replacing them with bigger blades will only heat up the motor and NOT move more air.

Try this experiment: Get an old fan. Box fan will work nicely. Remove the blades. There should be a flat on the motor shaft. Take a pencil and lay it across the flat but hold one end in your hand. Turn the motor on low. Notice how fast the motor is spinning. You can tell by how rapidly the pencil makes a clicking noise every time it encounters the flat. Next switch it to high. Notice there is practically no change in speed of the motor. The reason is because there is no load on the motor and it can spin easily. But with the blades on the fan the motor has to push air. At the lower speed you are using less energy, so the blades spin slower. But without the blades the motor can spin at nearly full speed at any setting.

Sorry, but there is just no way to increase the fan speed. The best thing you can do is buy a bigger fan. It will move more air.

Best of luck with your project.



Wiring help for replacing an old ceiling fan?

I have just taken off my old ceiling fan base, and in the junction box there are two white wires connected to a single white wire leading out from the motor, and there is a single red wire connected to a black and green wire from the motor. My new ceiling fan has 3 wires, a black, a white, and a black+white wire. How do I connect the new one to the old configuration?

The fan was really old, and it came with the house. It was about 10 — 15 years old.

if you have 2 white wires there is probable a couple black wires there as well as the red. find out which is the ‘hot’ wire. Usually, when you have 3 wires (red, whit, blk) you can hook up the fan and light separately. Example, you can control the light by the switch and the fan is only controled by the chains, that way you can run the fan and not the light or vice versa. On the fan the blk/wht striped wire is usually for the light kit. If you don’t want the light and fan separate and for some odd reason you don’t have blk wires in you box then this is what you do:

Connect your wht fan to the two whts from the box

Connect your blk & blk/wht striped fan to the red from the box

Connect your grn from fan to the bare wire in the box or if none. then connect it to the junct. box

then finish the fan and the whole unit will be controlled first by the switch and then by the chains.

Mounting bracket for new ceiling fan has ground wire, old light removed had no ground wire, what do I do?

I bought a new ceiling fan and the mounting bracket for the ceiling fan has a ground wire. The old light in the room that I am removing had no ground wire coming from the outlet box. From the ceiling mounted outlet box, there is one black wire and three white wires. What do I need to do to properly ground this?




again, I would like to use the middle switch that is also connected to a plug. Plug only activates when this switch is on. I would still want the plug to be controlled by that switch + the light switch for the ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Box Old Work Household Fan Shop

i tried putting the red wire on upper screw but it didn’t work, i also tried putting it on the bottom and didn’t work either.

Did you pull the chain on the light itself? Usually you have to do that to turn it on before the switch will do any good.

Does your outlet get power on and off when you flip the switch?

Looking at the pics I see nothing wrong with the situation, the hot is obviously the one each switch has going to the same wirenut.

I thoroughly believe that your issue is within the fan. If it’s not the pull chain, then perhaps the connection came loose between the light and the fan, or more commonly, those pesky stranded wires like to fall out of wirenut connections of solid copper. (Always tug slightly on the wires individually while holding the wirenut to ensure they are tight). Just the same, there is also sometimes an effect of the stranded wires twisting around in such a way that they fall below the insulation and don’t meet bare copper inside the wirenut.

I would start with the pull chain, then try checking the light fixture connection, then check the ceiling canopy connections. By then you should have located the issue.

By the way, did the fan work? I only ask because that would confirm a good neutral connection. Otherwise, a loose neutral could also prevent your light from coming on.

That should cover the possibilities.

Even if the switch was bad, you said you touched the wire to each screw, so you would have touched it to hot, bypassing the switch.


Why is there no box after I took old ceiling fan down and no ground wire?

I wanted to replace my old ceiling fans since they didn’t work and there are no boxes and only one had a ground wire. Also is it ok to turn the power back on with just leave the wires connected to nothing?

I think this explains why your fans are no longer working.

No, don’t hook the new ones back to these. Either get an electrician, or someone who knows electrical, to install properly grounded boxes.

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