Ceiling Repairs Home Repair & Maintenance Page 5 eHow

Ceiling Repairs Home Repair & Maintenance Page 5 eHow

Ceiling Repairs

How to Replace an Air Duct System

One of the most crucial elements in keeping your house comfortable, safe and energy efficient throughout the year is your air duct system. Utility bills can be quite pricey when

How to Repair Painted Plaster Ceilings

Plaster is not seen as much in newer construction because it tends to crack when the house settles. Most homes these days use drywall instead. However if you have a

Microscopic fungi create mold. These organisms exist wherever there is organic material that they can consume. They reproduce by producing spores. Chances are there are already mold spores in your

Much like faux leather furniture and foil wallpaper, textured ceilings have come and gone in home decor trends. Maybe your home came with a textured ceiling, or you worked hard

With good speaker systems and high-definition TVs getting cheaper every year, more and more homes are having their basements transformed into home theaters. With the right speaker setup, these can

The recommended length to depth ratio for gutters is 3 to 4 or .75. For example, a 6 inch wide gutter should be 8 inches deep. The actual depth of

A popcorn spray texture is just as the name implies — it looks like popcorn on the surface of a ceiling. This texture is often used to break up the

Ceiling drywall is installed in sheets, with the seams covered in drywall tape and then covered in joint compound, a form of plaster. If the tape wasn’t installed properly, or

Water damage to a Sheetrock ceiling is a horrible experience. Making the repair in a timely manner will help put the unpleasantness behind you. The repair needs to be made

Ceiling tiles in drop ceilings are generally made of fiberboard or acrylic. When the tiles become stained or cracked you can replace or repair them. It is always best to

Drop ceilings, also known as acoustical ceilings, have been used for years to camouflage the pipes, wires and joists above many basements and work areas. The panels can be lifted

Bathroom ceilings endure more abuse than other areas of the home because of the high moisture levels they are exposed to on a daily basis. No matter what the ceiling

Over time tiles in your kitchen or bathroom are likely to crack, become damaged or simply fall off. This is especially true in the bathroom where the warm and damp

Tyvek insulation helps prevent against water and other outdoor elements. Tyvek is a house wrap that comes in rolls of various lengths and can easily be installed to cover a

Pumpkin is a tender, warm-season vegetable that adapts well to most areas of the United States. The vegetable has diverse uses in the kitchen including pies, custards, bread, cookies and

Plaster ceilings are found more often in older homes than newer ones. They aren’t uses as much anymore due to their tendency to crack and chip. If you have a

Suspended ceilings are most common in residential basements or commercial buildings. Suspended ceiling is made up of metal joists and panels that rest on these metal joists. One benefit of

A popcorn ceiling, a form of textured ceiling, may end up with discoloration over time, from water leaks, food and drink particles, smoking or grease. Discoloration makes a room look

The most likely place for bats to enter your home is in the attic. Sometimes you can get just a single bat that needs to be removed; however, other times,

Drywall mud is a colloquial term for joint compound, which is a type of plaster used on walls and ceilings. A plaster ceiling with loose or crumbling plaster can be

An exterior ceiling (one without a story above it) will often have problems with cracks because of the temperature variations that can occur that close to the exterior. If your

Textured ceilings are usually plaster or drywall that have been covered in textured paint. This is paint with added thickeners and solids. On a wall or ceiling, it has a

Made famous through the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem The Charge of the Light Brigade, an English military unit lent its lore to a nimble yet ferocious military force utilized throughout

Mold on the ceiling almost always indicates a water leak. While a small bathroom with a lot of condensation can easily develop mold on the shower ceiling over time, most

Water spots are caused by leaks or prolonged condensation that collects between the floors of a building. The ceiling changes color as it soaks up the moisture. Over time, water

Popcorn ceiling products come in a range of purposes from simple patchwork to popcorn ceiling removal or coating. Also known as acoustic ceilings for their ability to muffle sounds, popcorn

A popcorn ceiling is usually made from textured drywall. While it can add an interesting and decorative look to a room, it can be difficult to clean and maintain when

You have a popcorn ceiling with what appears to be a water-type stain, yet no plumbing is anywhere near that section of the ceiling. This can be explained.

A textured plaster porch ceiling gives the entire porch a much more luxurious look than just a flat smooth finish. When the textured ceiling becomes damaged, it can be challenging

Regular ceiling tiles can be cut fairly easily, but acrylic plastic ceiling tiles can be a little more challenging. If they are not cut carefully, they can crack and split.

A drop ceiling can create an intimate feeling in a room. The tiles come in a variety of textures and colors to fit any decor. Installing the tiles, for the

Drop ceilings can cover a multitude of sins in plaster work or drywall. Drop ceilings comprise a frame that covers the entire upper ceiling. Tiles are inserted into the frame

Bathroom ceilings can develop problems because of constant moisture. Leakage from another bathroom above also may occur. This can lead to mold, peeling paint, staining, discolorations and odor. You may

Chrysotile asbestos makes up 95% of the asbestos in the United States. Asbestos is often found in the home as popcorn ceiling tile or as insulation. Removing asbestos from the

Many homes have popcorn ceilings, which are made of a textured ceiling material that is very inexpensive and can be sprayed onto the ceiling, making it ideal for home builders.

Ceiling fans today can usually be installed directly in place of existing ceiling light fixtures, provided the electrical box in the ceiling is properly mounted and doesn’t move when you

A textured ceiling, in most cases, is actually a basic plaster ceiling covered with textured paint (that is, paint with sand or other solids in it). If a section of

Water stains on your ceiling do not always point to the roof as the culprit. The damage could have resulted from a condensation problem, for example. Regardless, take the time

Popcorn ceilings were very popular in the 1960s. This type of texture is not as popular now. Removing a popcorn ceiling can be done by the homeowner. Popcorn ceilings are

Ceiling water damage that has gone all the way through the plaster usually requires that the damaged area be extracted completely, and patched back in with drywall. Since the drywall

Mold is a type of fungus that can grow in damp areas of your house, from the basement to your textured ceilings. It presents a health hazard and is difficult

A crack in a drywall ceiling means the plaster along a seam between two drywall boards has separated. That seam is the only part of the drywall that can crack.

Properly repairing a damaged ceiling requires that you get the structure and paint to match the surrounding, undamaged ceiling. This can be especially challenging when dealing with a textured ceiling.

Spray-on popcorn texture, used most often for ceilings, is an inexpensive finish used by homeowners on a budget. This texture was widely used in the 1970s, and homeowners attempting to

The ceiling in your bathroom can get damaged from leaking pipes or other sources of excess moisture. This can occasionally result in discolored and warped ceiling paint. You can restore

Plaster is a material that is applied in a paste form over a structure of wooden boards called lathes. When the plaster dries, it creates a hard, smooth surface. Over

A drop ceiling, also known as a suspended ceiling, is a series of interlocked brackets designed to support lightweight ceiling panels. This gridwork can’t support the weight of the ceiling

Removing a popcorn or textured ceiling is not difficult, but it is a job that is messy and requires careful preparation to minimize the mess. If you installed your textured

Your ceilings may get damaged for a number of reasons. Leaks in the overhead plumbing, changes to overhead fixtures like ceiling fans or lights and mistakes made while painting the

A drop ceiling consists of ceiling panels suspended by wire to cover duct work or rafters. The panels sit loosely in metal braces and lift to allow access to important

A damaged ceiling usually is made of drywall or plaster. Either way, the usual repair method is to set in a drywall patch. This is a square of drywall that

Plaster damage on a bathroom ceiling is often the result of prolonged exposure to moisture. In most rooms, you would patch a damaged ceiling with drywall, but in a bathroom

Reflective insulation is more effective than regular fiberglass insulation and requires a minimal amount of work to install. It has a higher R value (amount of insulation properties) than fiberglass

Working under flickering fluorescent lights can be distracting and a source of irritation. The lights inside your home or workplace greatly impact your concentration and awareness of whatever it is

Skylights allow natural lighting of almost any room in your home, but if installed improperly or not maintained they can develop leaks. Skylight leaks cause numerous problems for homeowners, including

A hole in the ceiling is an eyesore. If you are not equipped to patch the hole yourself, let the hole be an opportunity for you to decorate the ceiling

Plaster is not used often in modern houses, but in older homes it is usually one of the most commonly used materials for walls and ceilings. Plaster mainly went out

You have installed a drop or suspended ceiling in your home and have decided to remodel the room. Removing the suspended ceiling will be much less work and far less

Drop ceilings, also known as suspended ceilings, have long been used in basements in order to conceal overhead obstacles such as plumbing, wiring and duct work. Because many homes have

The ceiling in your kitchen is subjected to more moisture than any room in the house other than the bathroom. If you’ve got a damaged ceiling surface in your kitchen

Drop ceilings, also known as «dropped ceilings» or «suspended ceilings» are installed using a lightweight framework of crosspieces suspended below the joists by wire hangers. The framework supports rectangular ceiling

The debate continues over whether people who are not asbestos-certified should be removing asbestos from homes, businesses and other environmental exposures. Some say that breathing in even one asbestos fiber

Plaster is a paste that is applied to walls and ceilings and dries to a hard finish. Although plaster is fairly durable, it is susceptible to cracking and developing holes

If you are looking to convert an old basement or an attic into a living area, a drop ceiling is an effective way to finish the room and create a

Stucco is a wet, binding material which is applied to strengthen and improve the aesthetics of certain materials, such as concrete or cinderblock. As stucco starts to age the surface

Acoustic ceiling tiles not only reduce the noise in a den or music room but can reduce heating bills by lowering the total area of a room, and add to

Popcorn ceilings (acoustic) have been used in houses for many years. They hide ceiling defects and the ceiling does not need to be painted. Popcorn ceilings are easily damaged by

Cutting a plaster ceiling becomes necessary when damage occurs from an accident or water leak. Plaster, a concrete-like mixture is a very hard, tough and durable surface that makes cutting,

Insulation is a material that is applied in a structure such as a home to help reduce the amount of heat loss or gain. There are two types of insulation—bulk

The walls and ceiling of any bathroom require more attention than the walls and ceilings of other rooms. The daily and frequent use of the room encourages and permits the

Popcorn ceilings (acoustic) have been used in houses for more than 50 years. Popcorn ceilings are more affordable for contractors to install, they hide defects, and the ceiling does not

A flat white surface is standard for a drywall ceiling, but that doesnt mean its your only option. Another choice is to swirl the ceiling, using textured paint thats infused

Popcorn texture, also known as acoustic texture, was a popular decorating trend for ceilings in the 1970s and ’80s. After all these years, some people still love the look of

Like drywall walls, ceilings constructed of drywall must also be mudded. Applying mud—a common term for joint compound—to the seams between two pieces of drywall will give a smooth, continuous

Popcorn ceilings are a textured ceiling spray that gained popularity in the 1970s. This particular method was widespread because it saved both the contractor and the homeowners a significant amount

Often used in commercial buildings to hide plumbing lines, HVAC ducts and electrical wiring, acoustical ceilings also have some sound-deadening qualities. Their porous construction absorbs some sound waves. Acoustic ceiling

Hardwood floors can add beauty and elegance to your home, but they do require certain cleaning techniques that you may not be aware of. For the most part, mild cleaners

False ceilings or drop ceilings provide a way to put a ceiling in a basement or garage without having to hang drywall and plaster. They are set on a series

Whether there is a crack, a hole or a stain on a textured drywall ceiling, it must be repaired. Doing so will damage the texture and make any repairs more

Popcorn ceiling texture was very popular during the 1970s, but even today, people still want a textured look on their ceiling. Popcorn ceilings work great at hiding ceiling imperfections such

A wood ceiling is classic variation on plaster and is easier to install today than it used to be. Armstrong makes a line of ceiling planking called WoodHaven that goes

Any old plaster ceiling is susceptible to damage from moisture or heat, and it can be especially bad in a kitchen, which has lots of both. If you’ve got damaged

Tin ceiling panels add a formal look to any interior room. These square-shaped tiles are easy to install and can be left the natural shiny tin color or painted. Although

Moisture damage or accidents can make holes in the drywall in your ceiling, or you can make them yourself when you move a light fixture. They are unsightly, but fortunately

Book binding tape is an adhesive strip of cloth that book binders use to hold books together, either when making a bind for the first time or repairing bindings that

There are many reasons you may need to remove the insulation from a ceiling, but it is always necessary to work carefully to avoid sustaining injuries from the insulation. Two

A popcorn ceiling is a spray-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s. It is also known as an acoustic ceiling, and resembles pieces of popcorn, which

Many homes in the United States built in the 1970s and 1980s contained interior design elements that are not considered aesthetically pleasing now. This includes popcorn ceilings, and these unattractive

Repairing a hole in a plaster or drywall ceiling is generally done with a drywall patch. You’ll have to cut out around the damaged area to get a square that

Plaster ceilings are almost never installed in new construction anymore, but they still exist in older homes. If an old plaster ceiling is damaged and part of it has to

If water damage gets into the ceiling, the drywall can pull away from the ceiling studs and sag or even fall away. The source of the water damage should be

Repairs to ceilings from water damage can be frustrating. Add popcorn texture into the mix and you have a recipe for a do-it-yourself home repair meltdown. In the old days,

Before drywall came along, lathe and plaster was the standard way to cover walls and ceilings. Strips of wood lathe were nailed to joists and studs, then covered in plaster.

Unsightly bubbles and separation of drywall tape on the ceiling can be fixed with new tape and joint compound (mud), but if the bubbling is excessive, look in the attic.

If your plaster or drywall ceiling has been exposed to moisture for very long, it’s probably gotten soft and cracked. You should deal with this immediately, since the material will

Holes in sheetrock ceilings (also known as drywall or plasterboard) are fairly simple to fix, but it’s important to know that ceiling drywall is 5/8-inch thick and weighs 75 pounds

Ceiling drywall that’s exposed to water from a leaky roof or plumbing will get soft and crumbly, and will remain damaged even after it dries. Damaged drywall can’t be «fixed,»

When your plaster ceiling begins to sag or bulge, it requires your immediate attention before it collapses. Plaster is very heavy and needs to be anchored securely. Over time, plaster

There are at least three reasons for sagging drywall: contact with moisture from a leak that occurs near the fasteners; over-spanning; and inadequate installation. You can repair sagging drywall as

When finishing a basement, the question of ceiling often comes up. Homeowners need to determine which type of ceiling works best for their house. There are several options when it

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