Ceiling Tiles Suspended Ceilings Partitions Dry Lining Plasterboard — Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles Suspended Ceilings Partitions Dry Lining Plasterboard - Suspended Ceiling Tiles

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Interior Designers Ceiling Design Considerations

Ceiling design with spot lights

When considering Suspended ceilings designs for office ceiling tiles, tongue and groove ceiling panels can be used as replacement ceiling tiles, you can incorporate mdf ceiling panels into a plasterboard ceiling although we prefer to use a ceiling access panel in cases that require accessibility.

False ceiling tiles can be Armstrong suspended ceilings, acoustic panels can be specified to achieve most ratings with using decorative tegular ceiling tiles or square edge, 600×600, 600×1200 are the most popular sizes specified for shops, office, commercial and industrial situations.

We can be your suspended ceiling tile suppliers for replacement ceiling tiles from all the major ceiling grid manufactures not just Armstrong products, our range of stock incorporates metal ceiling tiles in both square edge and beveled, perforated tin ceiling tiles are mostly used as insulated ceiling tiles with a plastic covered insulation material pad sat in the tile, these pads can be of different thermal values to suit most needs.

Dune ceiling tiles a popular choice and can ordered in certain colours to accommodate your design theme such as black ceiling tiles with a white grid or alternatively white panels and red, green indeed or most colours of grid.

Suspended Ceiling Versatility

Curved and sloping bulkheads

I suppose really what we are saying is that the versatility of drop ceiling tiles while not endless is certainly quite easily adapted to many kinds of design for almost any building ie. Schools, hospitals, churches, open plan office fit outs, factory canteens and so on.

As mentioned above incorporating insulated ceiling tiles within your project is an excellent idea and will not just act as acoustics but will additionally save loss of heat throughout the building, when mineral fiber ceiling tiles are specified you can lay insulation roll over the top in place of the bagged insulation pads we talked of above.

Ceiling Tile Manufacturers

Ceiling tile manufacturers such as AMF, Armstrong, CEP, Echphon, OWA, Rockfon, Treetex, USG or for metal tile systems along with Armstrong we have Burgess, SAS International and Luxalon, in the case of open cell tile system you can look to Armstrong again, SAS International and Luxalon also have open cell ceiling systems on offer.

For Plasterboard

MF Plasterboard ceiling bands

For plasterboard tiling solutions we would think British Gypsum and CEP, when the specified requirements are for mf plasterboard systems, dry lining and partitioning then you have to include Artex, British Gypsum, Expemet, Fermacell, Knauf Drywall, Lafarge Plasterboard, Promat and Tradeline.

Types of plasterboards available for different usages are from basic wallboards such as gyproc wallboard, fireline, duplex, mr, firecase, multiboard and tilebacker, moisture resistant boards, core boards, hard impact duraline boards, handiboard, plank, soundbloc, rapid, thermaline, pir, basic, plus, super and triline, 4te, ten and rigidur h and thats all just from British Gypsum the other manufacturers have variants on the same boards.

We also carry plasterboard and accessories, Glasroc, performance boards, dry core partitioning, thermal laminates, metal components, plasters, decorative products, access panels, tools, fixings and accessories.

Insulation solutions

Atrium acoustic bulkheads and glass partitions

Insulation solutions can be from a variety of manufactures like Cellecta, Celotex, Du Pont, Firetherm, Glidevale, Insumate, Isover, Jablite, Kingspan Insulation, Knauf Insulation, MDL Insulation, Monarfloor Acoustic Systems, Novia, Rockwool, Steico, TBA Textiles, Thermafleece, Thermal Economics, Web Dynamics, Xtratherm, with products such as Glasswool insulation, Rockfibre insulation, Rigid insulation boards, High performance boards, Building paper and polythene sheeting, Fire barrier systems, Insulation sundries, Multi foils, Acoustic Insulation, Natural Sustainable Insulation, Polystyrene and XPS.


Office walls partitions and suspended ceilings

Partitioning can be from a multitude of manufacturers both British and European and in some cases they are specified from around the world for specific sector requirements. Board, tile and panel sizes varies in thickness width and length, thicknesses can be 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 15mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, while widths and lengths can come in sizes from 300×900, 600×1200, 600×1800, 600×2400, 600x 3000, 900×1800, 1200×1200, 1200×1800, 1200×2000, 1200×2400, 1200×3000, 1200×3600.

Glazed Office Partitioning And Room Dividers

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